pedagogical note

i'm the teaching assistant for poli sci 205 this quarter. it is the graduate level statistics course for the poli sci department, and since the sociology department here at ucsb is not offering it, some of the soc kids are taking it and i guess that no one in poli sci grad students wanted to be the TA. i'm not sure why since i have to do jack-bitch as the TA. anyways, i just got through grading their first little mini assignment. it was pretty basic, standard deviation, confidence intervals and z scores, about 7 problems all together. anyways, i noticed that all of the sociology kids needed no more than a single sheet of paper to complete the assignment, while the poli sci kids all took about 4-5 pages.

i have no idea what this means. i suppose that maybe sociology is able to make its point much more succinctly and clearly without cluttering stuff up with unneeded flotsam and jetsam. or maybe sociologists are much more lazy. like i said, i really have no idea, but i thought that it was interesting to see that the difference lay strictly along discipline lines. if you have an explanation, please feel free to enlighten us.

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