pop life v2.0

i'm happy to announce the return of pop life, the radio show that my friend and colleague jp did for a brief period in the early 2000's. for those of you who don't know, pop life is a radio show where jp and i discuss topics pertaining to popular culture in an quasi-academic-cum-indie-hipster way. in other words, we cover the same stories that you might see on entertainment tonight or read in US weekly, but we aren't afraid to say that ashlee simpson's dad is a freakin' nutjob. or more accurately, jp does critical commentary on popular culture, while i make dick and fart jokes. it's a lot like this blog actually, except no sports, and it's on the radio. anyways, it's on kjuc, which unfortunately can only be heard in the dorms of UCSB. it's the training station for the real USCB radio station, kcsb. kcsb is actually webcast, but the way it works is that once you finish your training on kjuc and decide that your show is good enough for real live FM radio, they give you a ridiculous time slot like thursdays 3AM-5AM. and you can what our reaction to this is: f that. kjuc 4-eva!

i'm working on a way to post our shows on the web for you to download and play on your mp3 player. i'm pretty sure i know how to get the tapes converted to MP3's, but there may be a problem with space. i think a typical MP3 song file is about 3mb. i'm guessing a hour and a half show will be well over my 10mb storage limit for my cox cable web storage site. anyways, i have a couple of things that i'm going to work on, but if you know anyone that would be willing to host the files, please let me know.

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