the ragin' asian reviews ocean's 12

as with the last review, this one is about a couple weeks late. i saw ocean's 12 over the break, and only now have i found the time to say a few words on its behalf.

ocean's 12 finds the gang from 2001's ocean's 11 reunited in yet another elaborate caper. in a sense, seeing ocean's 11 will probably ruin seeing ocean's 12 for you. ocean's 11 had two things going for it that really made it work. 1) it's a really good caper movie that had most people oohing and ahhing at the end over the ingenuity of the heist that danny ocean and his gang pulled off. 2) the star power had charisma and machismo oozing off the screen onto the theater floor. i remember leaving the theater and thinking to myself, "man, george clooney is really good looking." anyways, put these two things together and you got a pretty enjoyable movie. nothing life changing or anything like that, but good old popcorn fun. with a sequel, i think that you end up looking for the twists and the misdirection of the heist to figure out how the gang pulls off the caper. and to be honest, it's really not that good. so instead you're left with the charisma and chemistry of the main gang to carry the movie. overall, the glamour of so many a-list movie stars probably is enough to carry the movie, and it's a good thing, because the caper part wasn't nearly good enough. i won't get into the specifics of the caper, but there were several things that you could see coming from a mile away. and even then, when you do find out about one surprise twist, it is completely underwhelming to the misdirection and cleverness of the caper from ocean's 11. that being said, there are a few parts where the charisma of the a-listers falls a little flat as well. some of the plot elements were a little bit too cutesey, particularly the one featuring america's sweetheart, or as i like to call her, the world's most overrated and annoying actor, julia roberts. part of the heist involved her character, tess, having to pretend that she's julia roberts. it's a little too smug and i would liken it to when the popular kids in high school were in charge of the yearbook and all they did was put pictures of themselves in it. anyways, like i said, the movie was still enjoyable and there are several parts where i chuckled, but i think i'm actually going to recommend that you wait until it comes out on video to see it. of course since this review is about two months after the movie premeired, you probably already saw it. anyways, i've decided to start using a grade based rating system for my movie reviews, so final verdict, B-.

p.s. i saw anchorman on dvd and i think it's one of the funniest movies that i've seen in a long time. a solid A.

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