randy moss fake-mooning clip

looks like collegehumor.com beat everyone to the punch. here is a video clip of randy moss scoring and not mooning the crowd. a couple of things to notice in the clip. first, the moss is pretty incredible on the touchdown. he basically scored on a broken play. good toss by culpepper, and the corner was beat by about three steps. second, the actual act itself takes less than two seconds. like i said in the previous post, it really wasn't that big a deal unless you're a uptight, prude, stick-up-your-ass kind of person. lastly, talk about your overreaction by the announcers. joe buck just keeps repeating the word disgusting over and over again. seriously, is it any more disgusting than roy williams laying out a receiver who's going over the middle. is it more disgusting than ray lewis being able to play after he tried to help someone get away with murder and then sold out his best friend to save his own ass. what's ironic about all of this is that the game was on fox, who on the one hand, loves the shock type programming. at the same time, it's run by the conservative douchebags who probably want that kind of thing looked down upon (despite their willingness to reinforce racial stereotypes in the presentation of their sports). anyways, the video quality isn't that good. when a better clip shows up on the internet, i'll post that one too.

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