sad day in wrigleyville

the purge in cubby land continues as the cubs just finalized the sammy sosa trade to the orioles.

sports really is something isn't it. isn't it just a little unfathomable that the most popular player in cubs history gets traded? just like it's unfathomable that jerry rice would wear anything but a niner's uniform, or that the emmitt smith is rotting away in a cardinals uniform, or that jordan would sully his legacy by being a washington freakin wizard. i have nothing to say on this really, except that i think it's just really sad that teams can't work these kinds of things out (disclosure: sammy is one of my favorite players of all time). but let's face it, sammy started his decline in production a couple of years ago, so there was no reason to tie up all that salary that they're going to need to resign wood and prior. it's just a reminder of how despite how much emotion we invest in sports, how much of our faith we invest in athletes, sports is just another social institution, and our heroes are nothing more than bodies located in time and space.

the worst part of this is that the orioles are one of the most boring teams in all of baseball. i suppose sammy should help in this department with his personality, but i can't bring myself to root for the o's to be successful.


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