so, does that mean that madonna is catholic again?

so the leader of the kaballah group that madonna supports said something to the effect of "it's the jewish people's own fault for the holocaust." which just goes to show you how full of crap anyone with over a million dollars who claims to have found spirituality are. or for that matter, anyone who claims to be a spiritual person but not a religious person. what the hell is jewish mysticism mean anyway? are they magic jews? dammit i really hate people sometime. instead of thinking up ways religion can be more magical, wouldn't it be better if we just spent some time thinking of ways to not annoy the f out of everyone else?

anyways, no word from madonna's camp yet, but i'm sure she'll downplay it. i've commented on madonna and her lameness before, but to reiterate, she's full of crap, just like kaballah is full of crap. so if you see anyone with a red kaballah bracelet on, feel free to call them out on their anti-semitism.

on a related note, i've been meaning to comment on the yellow livestrong lance armstrong bracelets. it's well and good that people are raising money for cancer research or whatever, but if you are wearing one of these things in public, you are a pretensious asshole. you think that because of your measly one dollar donation and your willingness to wear a small bauble, that shows that you care about cancer more than the rest of us? if you really want to stop cancer, start protesting nuclear power plants and factories with toxic working conditions. oh what? it's much easier to just give 1 zillionth of your salary and wear a bracelet. sure it's a COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE WAY TO FIND A CURE FOR CANCER OR COMFORT THOSE WITH THIS DISEASE, but hey, at least your conscience is at ease. really all you are doing by wearing this bracelet is saying a variant of the "what about me?" question, you're just saying, "look at meeeeeeee!" and that makes you a douchebag.

i have a much more complicated rant on funding disease research, but i'll save that for another time.


Anonymous said...

magic jews: david copperfeld, david blein,
magic non-jews: david copperfield, david blaine, lance burton, siegfried, roy
magic a-hole: the amazing jonathan

Anonymous said...

What the kabbalah dude was trying to say is that the jews killed in the holocaust didn't use "the Light." As if his bracelet and his light make him bulletproof or able to withstand a bunch of goose-stepping Nazis with tanks and guns. As if anyone would have been fazed by his what-about-me bullshit. What an a-hole. Isn't this crap just a tick above (or below) scientology? Once you get into superpowers and aliens and shit as a religion, I'm out. Anything beyond virgin birth is just way too goddamn far-fetched for me.