stayin' alive in 2005 (or no tsumanis in southern california)

it's monday morning, i'm at work in the computer lab and the new quarter has officially begun. like i said before, i'm done apologizing for not posting when i'm on vacation. perhaps next time, i'll find a guest blogger to hold down the fort while i'm freezing my ass off in texas (snow on the ground on christmas!). anyways, i'm back and you the ragin' asian blog reader have much to look forward to this year, including, the football picks wrap up, a review of ocean's 12, a list of things that i got for christmas, a scene by scene analysis of the live aid dvd, and the usual cutting edge social commentary on the world of sports and pop culture. here's to a new and prosperous year for all of us...and don't forget, this is the year that i predict we'll see britney in playboy.

in the meantime, if you haven't yet, for chrissakes, donate some money already.

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