super bowl hypocrisy

here's a story about how janet jackson is going back to the super bowl. the funny thing is that she's going to a party sponsored by the black family channel. don't get me wrong, janet can show her wrinkly nip to anyone she wants as far as i'm concerned but to position herself as someone who is a family performer, seems a little disingenious to me.

this year the main halftime performer will be paul mccartney. i'm pretty sure that no one has to fear paul showing the world his twig and berries. also on the bill are american idol kelly clarkson, country singer gretchen wilson of redneck woman fame, and the charlie daniels band. first of all, is there any real need to have anyone besides paul mccartney up there? seriously, isn't it kind of an insult to have these people even on the same stage as sir paul. i mean he's a goddammed beatle for chrissakes. let him go up there and sing hey jude, the long and winding road, and let it be, and call it a night. didn't we learn anything from U2's performance? i think that dan patrick said it best when he said, "as far as i'm concerned, from now on U2 can do the halftime of the super bowl every year."

anyways, i think that it's also pretty clear the other theme that the halftime organizers are going for. geez...what do all of the acts have in common...well, it's not gender since paul is a male and kelly is a female...it's not a nationality thing since paul is british and everyone else is american...age maybe?...no paul and charlie daniels are a lot older than clarkson or wilson...oh wait maybe it's that all the performers are snow-f-in-whitey. seriously, can we blame black people for anything else in this country. how can you have a sport that made up about 50% black people and not have any brothas or sistas in the show. anyways, it's complete b.s. and i encourage everyone to boycott by not watching the halftime show....except when paul mccartney is performing. i mean, he is a goddammed beatle after all.

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