super bowl idiocy

i've been relatively quiet on the sports front lately, so here's some super bowl analysis for ya.

according to terrell owens, he may ignore his doctor's advice and play in the super bowl anyway. this despite a really screwed up leg.

while i suppose in some sense, i admire T.O.'s desire to play, this really smacks of what about me? now usually in sports, i'm a big fan of what about me, but in this case, this all but guarantees that the eagles will lose. and lose big. and here's why.

1) people almost never come back from leg injuries kickin' ass right away. even if T.O. can play, he is going to be about as effective as me lining up at wide reciever.

2) the pats will be unfazed by T.O.'s completely lame attempt at willis reed heroics. let's face it kids, it's obvious that T.O. is trying to become some kind of mythic sports hero who overcame improbable odds to lead his team to victory in the way that willis reed did. here's the difference. everyone expected reed to sit out. his entrance was made dramatic by the fact that he came out with a couple of minutes left in warmups. and then he only really played a few minutes. and this was all in the seventies. athletes and fans are too cynical to really care about this kind of b.s., especially coming from someone whose behavior so far has painted him to be a me-first guy (again, i have no problem with that). if i can figure this out, then surely the smartest man on the face of the earth, bill belechick can figure this out and the pats won't be fazed by this at all.

3) if the injury doesn't limit T.O.'s effectiveness, then the patriots defense will. if i'm a new england defender, the goal seems to be perfectly clear: sweep the leg. what bigger morale deflator could there be for the eagles than to have their supposed hero get taken out early. T.O. risks serious injury to his leg, but he's too caught up with being a part of the winning. what he should understand that he's more than done his part. without him, the eagles don't sniff the super bowl. i understand that it means more if he contributes on game day, but it just doesn't make any real sense to risk career endig injury.

4) god is against him. T.O. has been quoted as saying that he's been spiritually healed (all this after a doctor has categorically determined that he has not been healed). if god gave a damn about your leg, then why did he let it get broken in the first place a-hole. i'm not that religious a person, but i know better than to give god credit for things that he's got nothing to do with. if i'm god, i have teddy brusci chew off T.O.'s leg and then shove it up T.O.'s ass.

5) if you remember, T.O. had his leg broken by america's team, the dallas cowboys. when the pats win, the cowboys will have yet again have had some say in the outcome of the superbowl.

the prediction: come on kids, this is a no brainer. the only hope that the eagles have is if tom brady decides to have the worst game of his entire career and donavan mcnabb turns into michael vick circa 2000. the line as of the writing of this post is NE (-7). give. me. the. pats. in the words of lisa simpson, new england is a mortal lock.

2 more quick hits about the super bowl

1) it is completely idiotic to wait two weeks after the conference championship game to play the big one. after last weeks masterful performance by both the pats and the eagles, i think that interest can only wane after the first week. there's just too much else going on to distract the casual fan.

2) although we will be hosting the annual super bowl party at our place, i also think it is idiotic to have 12 hours of coverage leading up to the super bowl. i'm curious to know what the ratings on these things are. i guess they can't be any worse than what is normally on sunday afternoons, but do we really have to stomach terry bradshaw from 10AM to 5PM?

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