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this is going to be one of the more non-sensical posts that i've ever done, but i thought that i would fill you in on some of the new things that i have come into possession of in the past month. most of these things were christmas presents or purchased with christmas money. in any case, i wanted to fill you in because no doubt these things may (or may not) affect the quality of the blog. either by contributing to it, or occupying my time so as to take away time usually spent blogging. in either case, i think that you'll enjoy the show.

#1 - live aid DVD

my little sister originally got me the new U2 CD. being the genius that she is, it never occurred to her that i would have gotten it the day it came out. in any case, i was able to exchange it at best buy for this. in any case, if you are around my age, i'm sure you remember camping out in front of your tv when live aid originally aired. there's also the original videos from band aid's do they know it's christmastime and usa for africa's we are the world. all in all, it's a great dvd with lots of unintentional comedy and really good performances. phil collins' solo piano version of "against all odds" alone is worth the price of the dvd.

#2 - new digital camera

when you get older in my family, the aunts and uncles stop getting you presents and start giving you cash. which in my opinion is the greatest f-in idea that they've ever collectively come up with. i lost my old digital camera in chicago at my friend's wedding. someone ganked it at the hotel we think. in any case, i've got two weddings coming up this spring and i definitely want to take pictures, so i figured that i would go ahead and get a new one. my last camera was a beast in terms of size. i mean it was freakin' huge, so i figured that i'd go for ultra-compactness, which led me to the canon sd200 elph. it's a great camera that i recommend for anyone who is only semi-serious about taking pictures on a regular basis. the camera is only slightly larger than it is in the picture. anyways, at this point, you may be wondering, how did i manage to take a digital picture of my digital camera? the answer....

#3 - a digital video camera!

my mom floored me when she got me this for christmas. i never even thought about having one, and i can't believe she spent as much as she did for this. anyways, it's super cool and no doubt, i'll be able to launch my directing career, establishing myself as a triple threat (public administrator/sociologist/film director). which leads us to the best of the new toys...

#4 - a new guitar

as a reward for finishing my thesis, i decided to treat myself to a new guitar. my last guitar was pretty awful. i had four different people tell me on four different occasions that it was the worst guitar that they had ever played. and it really was. the action on that guitar was so high, that i basically couldn't play any bar chords. in other words, i couldn't play any chords that required any fingering past the fourth fret. and since i am in possession of neither a red guitar nor the truth, i need more than three chords to make my point. don't get me wrong, me and the old guitar had some good times, but i was just ready to take it to the next level, and now i have the opportunity to become a quadruple threat of public administrator/sociologist/film director/brooding musicain.

if you'll notice, it is a martin DX1. the guy at guitar center told me that the front is made out of spruce, and the body and the neck made out of mahogany scraps that martin had left over from making other guitars. they fuse it with heat, pressure and glue. the result is a extremely bright sounding guitar that is supposed to get warmer in tone over time. as if that weren't enough, the guitar center guy knocked 100 bucks off the already marked down price and threw in a really nice guitar case for only 50 bucks. anyways, it is easily the coolest thing i own.

it pretty much all comes together here.*

if you can't tell, i'm having a little trouble going from the Dm7 to the Gsus4. that and i'm tone deaf.

anyways, i really don't know what to do with my old guitar. if any of you have any ideas of what i should do with the world's worst guitar, please leave a comment.

* special thanks to erik for the a/v assistance.


Erik said...

Bob -- quit your day job. This is magic.

And you need to show the world your "More than Words."

farrah said...

i have yet to experience any change in my life from the camera or the guitar, but the Live Aid DVD was like no other. i still haven't decided who wins: english or american artists? yeah, right. stars and bars, baby!!