buyer's remorse revisited

apple just dropped the price of my ipod by about 150 bucks. so a big f you to all of you a-holes who encouraged me to keep the thing. just kidding, i still think that it was totally worth it, but it was pretty frustrating to read that i could have saved some cash. damn you invisible hand! damn you to hell!


Erik said...

Again, bitch, you are Rick James.

The new, low-priced deals don't include the firewire cable, nor do they come with the iPod Dock. So there's about $70 right there.

And I paid the same amount you did for my black and white screen, touch wheel, original iPod For Windows deal in 2002. So go cry me an f-in river.

Oh, and my iPod can play for more than 20 hours without a recharge. Booyakasha!

farrah said...

I've always hated when Erik punctuated his arguments with "booyakasha." He always does it to be a bad ass, and ends up looking like a fool.

Bob said...

dammit, farrah, you're so right. what an a-hole.

erik, the firewire cable and the dock are two things that i emphatically could live without for an extra hundo fiddy bones. so shove that long lasting battery of yours right up your gigantic asshole.