halle berry: really hot and a good sport

halle berry showed up to collect her raspberry award. for those of you who don't know, the razzies are the annual anti-oscars given to the worst in film that year. anyways, i just have to say that it is quite impressive that a star of berry's stature would show up and acknowledge the fact that she was in a crappy movie.

one of my biggest pet peeves is when actors pretend that everything that they do is this high falutin artistic that only they as talented mediums are capable of interpreting. the worst example of this is when james lipton asks someone on that completely addictive show, inside the actors' studio a question like, "Gene Hackman, after unforgiven, you took on a different role, in a little movie called, 'the replacements'. what was it like working with keanu reeves?" just once i want to hear someone on that show say something like, "yeah, i was pretty much just collecting a paycheck on that movie, not really my best work," or, "to be honest, i was riding the white pretty hard during those days so i really can't remember a thing about the filming." actually the worst is when they people like jennifer lopez who really just isn't that good of an actor but promoting a movie or something on there. i guess we need to think that movie stars have special talents, but the truth is, celebritites are just like us in that they do what they do because someone is willing to give them a lot of money for doing it (except for bono).

anyways, like i said, it great that halle berry can cop the notion that hollywood, for the most part fails in its purported mission of creating art. that and that she somehow still manages to be one of the hottest people on the face of the earth.

other quick hits
1) the oscars were pretty boring i thought. i don't know if the tricking up of the oscars sped up anything though, but i did think it was amazing how quickly the on-stage nominees for the technical awards disappeared after the winner announced. here is sb, we speculated that there was some sort of trap door under the losers that dropped them into a pit full of aligators.

2) chris rock was ok, but i like him better when he's doing real stand up. the little bit where he went to the magic johnson theaters was brilliant i thought. i'm sure everyone was laughing, but the bit made it so crystal clear that movies are being celebrated as art has nothing to do with any actual sense of art, but rather simple bordieu-ian notion of cultural preferences.

3) is robin williams the biggest asswhip in the history of ever? first he walks out with a piece of tape on his mouth because supposedly, the producers told him to tone down some of his material. there are free speech problems in this country, and i'm pretty sure that robin williams really doesn't suffer in any way because of them. where were you robin when ward churchill was having problems? what a douchebag for pretending to stand up for free speech or something when all he was saying was, "what about me?" as if that wasn't bad enough, before he gives out the award for best animated feature he beats us all down with a retarded stand up bit about reality television. i still contend to this day that it was all downhill for him after mork 'n' mindy.

blog meta-note: i've stopped providing external links in the posts (external links are the ones that open up a new window). i guess what i was trying to do is get a better sense of how interested other readers are in my blog and navigating away and then back to the blog seemed to count twice in my counter, so i tried to keep the blog open no matter what. anyways, that just got to be too much of a pain in the ass for both me the writer and you the reader, so you're going to have to click "back" more often.

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