jose can-" you see that we already know that mark mcgwire was roided out"- seco

how's that for a chris berman nickname? anyways, there have been reports that in jose canseco's upcoming book, he calls out mark mcgwire specifically, for using steroids. as is always the case with this kind of stuff, this is not something we already know. however, it should be noted that mark mcgwire has issued this statement, "I have always told the truth and I am saddened that I continue to face this line of questioning. With regard to this book, I am reserving comment until I have the chance to review its contents myself," which reads to me, as guilty guilty guilty. it will be interesting once the book officialy comes out if big mac will be able to contain his roid rage. i just wanted to go on record as saying that it's not so sorry that you deny using steroids. but any criticism of canseco for probably doing nothing more than telling us fans what we already know is sorry. lying twice only to save face in light of someone who doesn't think that sports fans are idiots, is just plain sorry. in other words, when this book comes out, get ready for some sorrieness.

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