learning fear for your god, gamblor

i'm back from vegas and all i can say is that gamblor must be really mad at me. i lost and i lost big this weekend. i really don't know what to attribute my recent losing streak to. i guess i kinda knew that gamblor was mad at me for putting off my visit to vegas for so long, but apparently, he really wanted to teach me a lesson cuz i didn't win at anything this weekend. it was so bad that i even violated the first rule of vegas, never go to the ATM. anyways, the only explanation that i could come up with is that this is this is gamblor's penance for me, and all i can do is accept it and hope that gamblor forgives me in the future. despite all of the losing, i must say, i still had a helluva lot of fun, which i suppose makes me a gambling degenerate. but you already knew that.

however, i should also note, that the demi-god striptor still seems to be smiling favorably on me.

other notes about the trip, for any car trip over a few hours long, the ipod is a must. again, totally over the buyers' remorse and happily enjoying the ipod. i don't know how i lived without it before. it was also raining cats and dogs here in socal and i'd say it took us about five and a half hours to get back, we didn't do much better on the way there. fred and i both agreed whole-heartedly that we really hate it when it rains in southern california, because as fredo so astutely put it, "it makes me feel like everyone else."

anyways, it's probably going to be while before i get back to the greatest city on earth, with weddings and whatnot occupying the majority of my traveling for the next few weeks, so i probably won't be able to regale you with the usual tales of vegas ribaldry for a while. anyways, i've got a ton of school work to do in the coming week, so blogging may be in short supply the next few days, but my next big trip is to the SABR meeting in LA next weekend, and no doubt i'll have a lot to report from that front.

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