michael jordan = mr. no-personality

here is an older piece that i meant to direct people towards earlier in the year but forgot. it's from slate and it's about how despite everyone's understanding of michael jordan as a superstar, in fact, he's done nothing but market himself as a non-entity. and i, super-jordan-fan-number-one am inclined to agree. if anything, jordan was mr. corporate. he never expressed any strong opinions about anything, never revealed to people what drove him (aside from the usual banal sports cliches), and never seemed to show emotion off the court. in a sense, we've pieced together the small glimpses of him showing emotion (such as when he was crying after winning the championship after his father died, or after scoring a winning basket) and turned it into "he's the most driven athlete in the world". it always seemed that jordan's camp was upset when books such as the jordan rules that actually did reveal a little bit of his personality, albeit the nasty side to sell books, were released. contrast him to someone like charles barkley who is mr. personality, and i think we'll all have to agree that maybe his mytholization really was just an ingenius marketing plan.

this is probably not something that we didn't already know on some subconscious level, but it's interesting to read it in print.

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