paralyzed people are sorry too

vikes qb daunte culpepper was made to look like an ass today when he had to take back some jewelry that he had ill-advisedly given to a paralyzed teen. according to the story
The confusion began at the FedEx ground and air player of the year honors, where finalists Culpepper, Peyton Manning, Shaun Alexander and Curtis Martin were on stage for the announcement.

When the master of ceremonies opened the floor for questions, Jerry Townsend spoke up from his wheelchair in the front row.

"Hey Daunte, can I get some of that ice?" he said in a low voice, referring to the two sparkling necklaces hanging around Culpepper's neck.

Culpepper jumped up, pulled them off and brought them over to Townsend, a senior defensive back at Jacksonville Episcopal High School who was paralyzed from the neck down while making a tackle in October.
soon after the dad freaked out, the mom started crying, and daunte realized that it probably didn't make a whole lot of sense to give some paralyzed kid his bling. after the ceremony, he asked for and got the jewelry back. he also said that he would get the kid something else.

this only happened today so who knows what people are going to write, but even the cnn.com headline "culpepper ungifts necklace from paralyzed teen" makes out to be yoru stereotypical selfish athlete. let me go ahead and issue a preemptive defense of culpepper. granted culpepper never should've given away his necklace in the first place, but if we're going to play that game, then that sorry wheelchair kid never should've asked for culpepper's jewelry anyway. i mean, just cuz you weren't athletic enough to avoid getting paralzyed in a football game, the world owes you something? someone who you've never met before is supposed to give you 75 grand worth of his jewelry. did culpepper have anything to do with you getting hurt? i feel bad for the kid and all, but geez, where does he get off? i think he should do everyone a favor and go see million dollar baby and go the hillary swank route. (on an unrelated note, a review of million dollar baby and sideways will be forthcoming in the near future).

all i know is that a lot of blame will be placed on culpepper, and it should as he should have thought a little bit more before giving this jackass his jewelry, but again, if we're going to play that game, the kid should have thought a little bit more before playing football. if you're not responsible for your poor judgement, then neither is daunte. go f-yourself wheelchair boy.

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