randy moss and drew bledsoe, 2 sides of the same coin

so it was a big day for NFL transactions yesterday. randy moss got traded to the raiders, and much to my chagrin, the cowboys signed drew bledsoe to start next year.

i've already made my thoughts known about the randy moss situation, but i was having a conversation with my roommate erik, (who also happens to be the tiny little brain behind the world's most important blog...ever) and it got me thinking about how despite the seemingly huge differences between the kinds of player moss and bledsoe are, how their movement this offseason actually kinda points to the same thing.

moss, who if judged by onfield performance, did nothing but help his team win is deemed a clubhouse cancer and the reason why the vikings defense sucked. while bledsoe, who has done nothing for the past five years but throw interceptions and suck is brought on to somehow bring the cowboys back to the playoffs. i'm not saying this is the cause of the different perceptions, but let's say that it's no coincidence that randy is black and drew is the great whitey. although, i'm pretty sure that pretty much everyone black and white think that the bledsoe signing is a horrible move.

all this aside, i can't tell you how disappointed i am in the cowboys for signing a quarterback who is even more immobile that their previous 64 year old qb, vinnie testaverdee. i really hope that the jones/parcells braintrust can prove me wrong, but let me go ahead and say that this team is 6-10 next year. if i could, i would've fired parcells by now, because this is emphatically not what i signed up for. dammit, why didn't we try harder to get randy?

anyways, i have some really strong opinions on the whole bonds press conference a few days ago. but it's nothing that you haven't read elsewhere. man what a major league a-hole.

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