sports quick hits

1) the vikings are trying to trade randy moss. i'm sorry, did they not see how bad the team was without him this year. i've made this point before, but it's hard for me to understand how someone that you're 7-6 with this season and 1-4 without hurts your team. no he's not the greatest man alive, but don't kid yourselves, neither are any of those team-oriented patriots. brady hops from bed to bed with super models, corey dillon was a sorry son of a bitch before he came to NE, and i'm sure teddi brusci did his share of immoral non-team oriented things when he was at party school USA, the university of arizona. from what i can see, randy is no sorrier than most NFL players, and on top of that he's ten times more talented than all of them. this is really indicative of how poorly the management of the vikings are. seriously with moss and culpepper, how have they not won the super bowl yet. easy, their defense sucks, despite having pretty good players. and you can attribute that directly to management. anyways, i am praying to god that somehow randy ends up with the boys. i'd think he'd look quite nice with that star on his helmet. besides, we haven't really had anyone ever really fill the shoes of the playmaker since he left.

2) hakeem olajuwon may have unwittingly funded terrorist groups via donations to a mosque. i'm not sure where to fall on this. not that every attack on an black athlete is character assasination, but i'm sure tom brady made a contribution to the republicans, which can be a terrorist organization of sorts, can't it? it will be interesting to see if the authorities try to take any action on olajuwon. all i know is that if they try to arrest him, they better double team him, otherwise, one dream shake and you know that baseline jumper is going in.

3) jason giambi made an apology without saying what he was apologizing for. it's takes a real man to admit his mistakes, but it takes a really sorry one to admit it after everyone already knew he had taken steroids, and then there were about six zillion news stories on it since he had last denied it. i hope that the press doesn't let up on him the way they won't let up on barry (also guilty). but i suspect they might for the usual reasons (he's white, he's a yankee, blah blah blah). in any case, if selig doesn't suspend him, then i'm going to just nuke yankee stadium myself. f you jason giambi.

4) the super bowl ratings were down 4 percent this year, which just proves again, that america hates the philadelphia eagles.

5) seriously, you just don't know how happy i would be to see randy moss in the silver and blue.

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Anonymous said...

Randy Moss would be absolutely perfect for the Cowboys. He and Michael Irvin could host some crazy mooning-and-cocaine parties. I would actually pay money to see that.

As for your Puppy Bowl, it got a mention in Brian Murphy's post Super Bowl column. I think you'll like it.