sports quick hits

i need to find a snappier title for these kinds of posts...

1) the nfl got its first ever black owner yesterday, when reggie fowler bought the minnesota vikings from red mccombs. i've really got nothing to say about this. it's not like the NFL is a lot less racially inequitable or anything, but i suppose this stuff has got to start someplace. in related news, it turns out that he may have lied in his official biography about playing for a professional sports league. no, it sure doesn't help, but it's not like it's the first time we've found out about people lying about their sports resume. george o'leary at notre dame being the most notable. however, this does confirm something that i've thought for a long time...resumes are useless and very rarely do people ever check them. i suppose people are going to start now though.

2) the nhl season got cancelled. and i don't give a rat's ass. and i'm pretty sure neither does the rest of america. that's what you get canada for selling us out to the french during the war! but seriously, it would be amazing to see a sports league lose an entire season. but as i said before, this is america, and hockey is basically pro-wrestlling on skates to us capitalists. the indifference is staggering however. just goes to show you that hockey is a regional past time. now if only the mls would go on strike, then my friends, you would really get to see some public indifference.

3) tony larussa is being sorry again by saying he knew canseco used steroids. so are you gonna give back your world series ring and bonus back now a-hole. if canseco's such a jerk, what kind of duplicitous self-serving hypocrite are you for not turning canseco in? you know, i used to really like larussa. he was one of the first managers to really use stats in his managing decisions and i always thought of him as a kinda progressive guy. but it turns out, he's a big an a-hole as any of those old baseball people.

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