college sports quick hits

1) rick neuheisel has settled his lawsuit against the NCAA. as you can guess both sides are claiming victory. when in reality, the NCAA chickened out and neuheisel still should have known better. anyways, both can claim victory, but we all know they're still douchebags.

2) the president of Colorado University is resigning over the football stuff and ward churchill. it's probably the right thing to do for the univesrity, but i just want to point out that CU's president is a female. so why hasn't larry summers, harvard's president resigned despite all of the flack he got for his dumb women and science remark? incidentally, i saw ward churchill on real time with bill maher the other day. i obviously don't think he should get fired, and i kinda agree with his greater point in that we're all part of this imperialistic american machine, but at the same time, he's a reactionary hothead that gives academics a bad name. f him.

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