fighting spam

just a little technical note for all of you who experience a lot of spam:

i get a lot of spam. there was a time when i would give my email address to any website in hopes of winning a free t shirt or some stupid shit like that. in any case, the price i paid for the chance at the free t shirt is more spam is bearable. i mean i easily used to get somewhere between 200-300 spam messages a day. i tried all sorts of crap to fix that stuff, such as spam filters and what not. and for the most part, while they were somewhat effective, i still had to at least go through the headers to make sure that it didn't get any of the real email that i needed. anyways, i recently had to shut down my actual email account for a few hours recently. we're getting the cable changed from my old roommates name to my name and they forgot to tell me that they had to reset the email addresses. in any case, it was down for what i would say was about 5-6 hours. however, after that time, my spam has been reduced dramatically. my guess is that the spamming software, checks for returned mail from non-working email addresses, and them eliminates them from their database. now i get about 5 or six spam emails a day.

of course, the ideal situation is just to switch email addresses, but since so many people already have the old one it's such an inconvenience. in any case, if you are having problems with spam, you might want to check with your provider to see if they can shut off the email for a day, and see if that helps.


Molly Moloney said...

It's also possible that in resetting the email account you reset the spam control filters. With Cox you can have them: do nothing; simply label spam as spam (some but not all of which may then get shunted away by other spam filters); or just disappear what they think is spam, before it gets to some sort of filter you can check/vet. I'm not saying it's definitely that, but it's a possibility (if you're talking about your Cox account that is.)

Bob said...

you can turn on the spam filter, which for the most part is pretty effective. however, if you do this, you hvae the option of having cox just delete the email for you, or have them just mark it as spam, which in turn outlook or whatever email client you're using puts them into a spam mailbox which you are supposed to look over from time to time to make sure that no non-spam emails got marked as spam on accident. and i'm too paranoid about missing real emails to st it to that. in any case, when they reset the mailbox, they actually turned off the spam filters and i'm still getting way less spam than i used to.