the fraud that is the new england patriots

the pats cut troy brown today for salary cap reasons. the same troy brown did not grouse and accepted a lesser role in the offense when new receivers came in and the same troy brown who basically gave up incentive money when pats needed him to go both ways, offense and defense.

the main thing i want to point out here is that after the pats won, there was all this mularkey out there about how the patriots do it the right way, how they sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, how they organization is a paradigm for how sports franchises should be run, and the worse cliche, how they are representative of all that is good in sport. i doubt that any of the sportswriters will say this, but i think its safe to say that this is complete bullshit and the pats' management has shown that the patriots' organization is just as sorry as everyone else.

here's a guy who did nothing but help his team. sacrificed in real ways and went above and beyond the call of duty. all the patriots had to do was pay him the 5 million dollars that they had agreed to pay him when he signed the contract 5 years ago. and how does the so called greatest sports organization treat this guy, they say, i don't care about what you did to help us, you have to take less money or we're going to fire you. lawyer lawyer milloy took a lot of heat earlier in the year when he said
Some of those guys, I think, are underpaid. It's always been a team thing getting thrown around there, but if some of those guys would test the market, being a champion, they could really go out there and make top dollar. But for some reason, they want to stay.
now that i read the quote again, milloy still sounds like a jackass. i think that the problem is that milloy couldn't say what he meant to say. which is that everyone goes around saying what geniuses the new england management is when in reality they're no better than nike paying thai kids 4 cents an hour to make 200 dollar sneakers. in other words, new england does not pay players a fair wage, and despite the fact that the owners will make more money than imaginable because of these players winning all those championships, the players will not get their fair share.

so my three pronged point is as follows: 1) everyone loves a winner. cutting troy brown shows that new england is not about doing the right thing. they're just venture capitalists like the rest of us. but no one will call them on it because they win super bowls. 2) we like to get down on players for being too greedy, and i know the salary cap has a lot to do with these decisions, but it is management who is greedy. i'd like to see scott pioli and romeo crennel beat donavan mcnabb. 3) new england is a nice team, but their mystique is more fabricated than any of the other dynasties in sports. i've chronicled this before, but to reiterate, there can only be one team that can bear the moniker of america's team.

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