i'm a lazy a-hole

sincerest apologies my sweet clean blog reader. it's been way too long since i've posted and consequently, i've failed to blog about some important events that have transpired in the past week and a half, particularly, the congressional steroid hearings. i'd blog about here, but by now, you and i have read so much about it, that i would just be reiterating what other people have already said about the matter. but in case you were wondering, my quick take is that everyone is an a-hole except for rafael palmeiro, who i agree whole-heartedly with fredo's take. not the innocent part, after all, if canseco was proven right about giambi and mcgwire, why would he have lied about raffy?, but rather i agree with the fact that raffy is one handsome guy. i had no idea. in fact, i think that raffy has officially overtaken andy pettite as the handsome-est guy in baseball.

raffy - the latino magnum p.i.

anyways, i just wanted to give some lame excuses to you, sweet clean blog reader as to why i've been out of pocket. you see, the ragin' asian had to cash in some sick days. no, not like the old days when i had a real job and taking sick days meant that i just didn't feel like going to work or i had an interview for another job. no instead of the flu-like symptoms (for those of you who aren't in the know, whenever you read that an athlete is out for flu-like symptons, that usually means that they're extremely hung over) i actually had the flu. when i went to the doctor, i had a fever of 100.6, which means that the previous day when i was much worse, i probably had a fever in the 101 range. in other words, i was knockin' on heaven's door.

anyways, that was all last week. this week i have no real reason to offer you except that we're on spring break here at UCSB and i tend to do absolutely nothing on these kinds of holidays. and when i say nothing, i mean absolutely f-in nothing (although i did take our stuff to the recycling center today). actually, i'm lying. i was sick. you see, i've contracted stockholm syndrome, you know, what happened to patty hearst when she got kidnapped by the symbionese liberation army only to join them months later because she had developed sympathy and feelings for the members of the group. however, i am being held hostage by a different sort of terrorist. i am being help captive by my latest video game, tony hawk underground 2 (or t.h.u.g. 2 as it is known in the videogame world). if you ever made fun of those people who become completely consumed by video games, then you are now making fun of me, because you see, that's all i've been doing for the past week. however, i think that my feelings for my captor are quite justified as t.h.u.g. 2 is the greatest game to come around in a long time. i used to play tony hawk pro skater 3 whenever i went to go visit fred in pasadena. we had all the cheat codes and the game was awesome whenever we could do whatever the hell we wanted in terms of tricks and stuff. however, since the unlock all cheat codes aren't out yet for t.h.u.g. 2, i've had to play from scratch. anyways, i just wanted to say that i now understand skating a little more.

you know those punks who skate at your school or at the park? you watch them as they try to land tricks, yet never ever are able to land them? that's what playing tony hawk is like. you try to do the tricks over and over, failing over and over, and then when you finally land it, you feel like he-man, master of the universe. there's much more to the game, but it would seriously take me forever to lay out for you, all the cool things about this game.

anyways, i promise you, o sweet clean blog reader, to be more attentive to the blog. there's lots to blog about such as pat summitt, pat o'brien, and patrick mackey. i also have a review of the ring 2 that i need to get posted, so look for all of that real soon. i will leave you however with one last tony hawk goodie. one of the features of the game is you can import digital photos of your face and they are able to stick that face onto the face of your skater. this is what mine looks like:

is my nose really that big?

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Anonymous said...

Your real life nose is somewhat broad but not offensive. It's a good nose. Anyway, the image is close but not quite right. Also, maybe it's because you usually don't run around with the rising sun headband, but I think that the video game you is perhaps more handsome than the real life you. (Yet neither is as handsome as Raffy.)