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1) at least half of NCAA division I schools have a team that is so academically deficient that the NCAA is going to take away some of the scholarships. i suppose that this isn't really surprising, but it's just another one of those things that should cause people to do something, but i imagine, that yet again, no one will.

2) if CU doesn't fire gary barnett for this, then they should just go ahead ban amateur sports in colorado so that he can't embarras the nice folks at boulder anymore. seriously between this and the previous item, you gotta wonder how the NCAA sleeps at night. you also have to wonder if it's possible for gary barnett to be any sorrier.

3) we can finally stop talking about how kobe is sorry for cheating on his wife and just go back to saying that he's sorry for running shaq and phil jackson out of town.

4) a report says that over half of NFL players are fatties. of course the NFL says that the study is flawed since it only uses the body mass index and not the muscle to fat ratio. in other words, the NFL is not fat, just roided out. with all the talk about steroids in baseball, it's a wonder that the NFL seems to be skating on this. as obvious as it is that baseball is juiced, it's even more obvious that football is. relatedly, peter gammons has a somewhat interesting column on the hypocrisy of the baseball establishment for only now coming to terms with steroids when they knew about it the whole time. or at least the should have, but chose to ignore the signs.

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