adios pope

just in case you've managed to avoid any kind of media this weekend, the pop died this weekend (click here for a really creepy picture of the pope's body lying in wait). i guess it's always sad when someone dies, but really, even being a raised a catholic and everything, i really can't say that the pope has had any material or spiritual impact on my life. if anything, he was this cartoon representation of the catholic church. what really gets me about this whole thing is the scores of people who say that they are/were praying for the pope during his last hours. if you believe in heaven and if you're a catholic, then there can't be any doubt in your mind that the pope has a spot reserved in heaven with a covered parking space and everything. so my question is, what exactly are people praying for? cuz like i said, surely they can't think that they need to pray for god to have mercy on the pope's soul, can they? were they praying for the pope not to die? i guess, if it makes you feel better, then by all means, pray away. but as i've contended before, most of this stuff is just people asking god the eternal question, "what about me?"

on a related note, the pope was the last of the big three in fredo and mine's celebrity death watch game, the other two being ronald reagan and bob hope. they were the big three because for the last few years all three of them were basically on death's doorstep. so i think that we now need to come up with a new list of three celebrities that really should be the next to go. i can't think of anyone right now...maybe goerge bush sr., but from what i can tell he seems to be in decent health for a man his age...liz taylor maybe, or maybe she's too young to be there (or more importantly, she's really not a celebrity on the stature of bob hope, ronnie or the pope). anyways, if you guys have any ideas, please feel free to leave us suggestions by leaving a comment for this post. also please note that blogger has recently updated their comments section where you don't have to choose between leaving an anonymous comment or registering with blogger. the idea is that it will encourage people to leave more comments. so please please start leaving more comments.


Erik said...

Here ya go. Next big three: Castro, Cronkite, QEII. Wait on Liz Taylor until after these folks go.

Bob said...

QEII is actually not eligible for the game. both fred and i think that the concept of official royalty is a complete asswhip so royalty are not eleigble for the game. in fact, if one of us mistakenly alerts the other to a royal death, it actually results in a 1 point penalty.