blogroll update

just a quick administrative note for posterity. there are two changes in the blogroll you see on the right sidebar. first, pop life, asian american scholar/hip hop critic oliver wang's blog has been changed over to pop licks, a blog that is now jointly done by oliver and junichi semitsu, another bay area asian-am scholar and pop cultural critic. for the most part, it's still entertaining and informative but i'm not so sure that it is still ideal type blog that i used to aspire to. perhaps i should start group blogging with some other people. the other important thing about this, is that the pop life radio show no longer has to worry about people getting us confused with oliver's blog.

the other change is that you'll notice that carly's pornblography is no longer on the blogroll. the adult entertainment industry publicist who provided a very accessible look inside a fascinating popular cultural phenomenon has decided to no longer update the blog, which is too bad because she was a gifted writer that provided a unique and dare i say, important take on the going ons of a phenomenon that has infiltrated our everyday lives, yet still to a certain extent remains taboo. happy trails carly.

on another note, i've got two episodes of pop life v2.0 to get online. i'll try to get that tonight, but know that some radio lovin' from the ragin asian and jp is on the way

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