god bless academia

two notable research projects from the ivory tower

1) email reduces your IQ more than reefer. according to this bit of research form england, too much email during your workday makes you dumber during the course of the day. dumber than you would be if you smoked a doobie the night before. granted there are a lot of problems with this research. to base a link on survey data is quite questionable. i also have problems with the concept of monitoring changes in IQ over the course of a day. but i do think that the general concept that people still haven't quite figured out how to use email is a pretty good assertion. as mentioned in my mission statement (which has long disappeared from my server space), i have to deal with 1001 stupid emails on the UCSB's sociology department-wide listserv, and having to delete them definitely makes me dumber.

2) asian men don't have smaller penises than everyone else (thanks to the most important blog...ever for directing my attention to this). but all the ladies that know me already knew that.

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Erik said...

Geez. Wrong link up there. Do I have to do everything for you? I guess we know which of us has the 12 incher.