national survey on gays in sports

there is just so much here, i don't even know where to start. i'll probably just post comments as i have more time to digest these numbers. you, o sweet clean blog reader, please feel free to do the same. there are some questions that i have about the sampling, but from what i can tell, it's not a completely flawed system, so there's probably some truth to these numbers.


Anonymous said...

hey bob, i am in switzerland.

Anonymous said...

the first four seem very confusing to me

Bob said...

the four results of this are kinda confusing, huh? at first glance it would seem that most of america is ok with gay people in sports, gay men more so than lesbians, but then it says that it's not ok for gay people to be in sports if they aren't out of the closet. you might read this as america thinking that it's ok to be out of the closet, but it also shows that people don't understand that people don't come out of the closet because they are scared of the societal repercussions, most of which are negative. overall, i'd say that you have the usual survey effect here, people don't want to sound like they're homophobic so they'll answer in a way that doesn't make them sound like a-holes, but in reality, they are a-holes. it's akin to the argument of "i'm ok with it as long as it's not someone in my family," which of course is a completely bullshit line of reasoning.