the ragin asian reviews the sarah mclachlan concert

not really. for me to attempt some kind of objective description of last night's sarah maclachlan concert at the santa barbara bowl would be futile for a few reasons.

1) there are only so many ways that i can say "super-duper-awesome-kickass-fantabulous-i-would-stalk-her-if-i-could".

2) in 1994, sarah maclachlan began her reign as the queen of ragin' asian land. as her loyal subject, i am compelled to love her with my whole heart, mind, and soul. but even beside that, a beautiful as an angel as sarah maclachlan is, she deserves my love and i would never ever say anything to besmirch her beautiful name, person, and voice.

anyways, the short of it was great show. i had kinda crappy seats but her voice sounds great. i mean really great. erik, my roommate who i attended the concert astutely noted that her voice in person sounds exactly the same as it does on the record which can only mean that she really does have that incredible of a voice.

on a side note, it's always been a fantasy of mine that when i go to a concert, the performer would announce something to the effect of "ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a very special guest...mr. erik clapton" or some other really big name that i didn't expect to see. alas it really hasn't happened yet. anyways, erik and i got to thinking what would be the most shocking or non-sensical scenario for the sarah mclachlan concert. this is what we came up with.

scenario #1 - at one point in the concert, sarah asked the crowd if we were warm enough (the sb bowl is an outdoor venue). anyways, then she would say "cuz i think it's getting hot in herrrrrrrrrrre. i said, it's getting hot in herrrrrrrrrre." and then her guitarist would rip into the guitar riff from the nelly song, and then nelly and his whole posse would come out and perform the song, with sarah maclachlan singing the "i am getting so hot, i'm gonna take my clothes off" part.

scenario #2 - sarah would ask the crowd, "is there anyone here from los angeles?" let the angelenos cheer. then she would say, "is there anyone from san francisco here?" then let them cheer. and then in the deep, clipped voice that rapper some times use, she says" is there anyone here from the A-T-L!" and then the intro to the ludacris song, "move" starts, you know, the high hat and the truck horn, "duhn-duhn, duhn-duhn, duhn-duhn, duhn-duhn" and then ludacris would come out and start doing the song, and then before the second verse, sarah announces to the crowd, "straight from the NY penitentiary system, MYSTIKAL!!!!" and then mystikal comes out and does his part of the song.

i'm kinda partial to scenario #2. if you guys can come up with any other crazy scenarios please, by all means, let us know in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

It's too bad neither of those things actually happened. It might've been the greatest concert in the history of live music. Ah well.