the ragin' asian reviews sin city

yeah, i know this is probably six weeks late, but like i said before, until someone starts paying me to write these reviews, i'll watch the movies on my own damn schedule thank you very much. anyways, went and saw sin city, the movie based on frank miller's graphic novels on saturday. if you haven't seen it, i'm sure that you've seen the various trailers as they are visually capticating. all the black and white and cheesy deadpan dialogue reminiscent of film noir.

anyways, up until i saw it it seemed to me that everyone agreed that visually, it's stunning, but people were mixed on the actual movie content itself. and obviously enough, i'm just going to fall in line with everyone else. visually, this movie is really neat to look at. this is coming from someone who hates black and white movies. for whatever reason it worked. jp, who i say the movie with also pointed out that the black and white lessened the impact of some of the more graphically violent and grotesque moments in the movie. but aside from that, the black and white with strategic splashes of color defintely evoked something different than your average movie. alot of times i felt like i was watching an animated movie, which i think can be annoying, as i thought it was in spiderman, but again, since this movie was all about style, it ended up working in that in contributed to transporting me to this idealized place of basin city.

which also justifies the acting jobs in this movie. it seems to me that this was a win win situation for all of the actors and actresses in this movie, cuz there's nothing subtle about it. i imagine that frank miller, robert rodriguez and quentin tarnatino before each shot, would confer with the actors and suggest, "why don't you try doing this scene...oh, i don't know...way over the top." usually, i hate overacting, but again, i hate to fall back onto this crutch, but it fit the general idealized environment that the directors were going for. what's ironic is that this overacting is my main critique of movies made before 1970. you know, everyone acts in that over affected way.

it terms of story and plot, well, it was neat. nothing inspiring or nothing to make you question the human condition or anything, but it was interesting and you did want to know how the story turns out. also, the usual device of graphic novels, the happy ending, but something goes amiss in the happy ending was used throughout. which got me thinking. like i said, for me, this is a complete popcorn movie that really doesn't have much to say about the real world in which we live in. but i wonder if i just don't recognize the themes that are usually covered in the graphic novel. for example, the way that the evil organization was set up seemed like just a plot device to me, but i wonder if this is part of a larger theme in graphic novels about the corruption of power, blah blah blah. if any graphic novel readers out there have any enlightenment for us on this subject, please leave a comment and pull the curtain back for us laity.

anyways, great popcorn flick that's fun to watch without having to think too hard. final grade: B+/A-

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