seriously, she's gotta be a woman now, right?

britney spears is preggers!

but really, we all knew that, we just now have official confirmation from the britney spears website. if you haven't seen this website, you really need to check it out. it's actually extremely bizarre, very tame actually. anyways, i can't provide a direct link to her latest message to her fans since the site is completely flash based, but do some snooping around in her "love b" section where britster pens missives for her fans, and you'll find one entry marked "false tabloids" that i think you'll find especially life changing. who knew that britney had such a good handle on the critique of the american media and their obsession with celebrity? anyways, i think that this is a fairly recent redesign of her website. i guess now that britney's gonna be a mommy, she can't have any proof that she dresses like a 2-dollar whore laying around on the web. because seriously, if you type in "britney spears" on google, you won't find a damn thing.

anyways, i was talking with fellow pop life collaborator jp, and we were talking about how britney must thoughtfully weighs the consequences of her actions.

"uhh, he's going to have a baby with another woman, well, shoot i guess i better marry him....now that we've been married for 6 months, i think it's time to get pregnant. that'll show that other baby who's boss."

needless to say, i don't think britney did well on the analytical part of her SATs.

anyways, as i've recently blogged about here, this is quite a turn of events, because the last we heard, britney and kevvie were having a little trouble in paradise. it seems that they made the obvious decision to save the marriage by having a baby, which i hear always ends up working out.

however, more importantly, we need to figure out how this affects the playboy by 2005 prediction. it looks grim, but jp has another good theory that might save us. she noticed that there have been a lot of celebrities who have posed in playboy shortly after having a baby. i.e. denise richards, lisa rinna, and teri polo to name a few. she thinks it's some inane way to reclaim your sexuality after you bloat up during the pregnancy, which makes a whole lot of sense to me. so if she's announcing now, you figure that she's around three months pregnant, which means that baby will be due in september, which gives her a couple of months to get back in shape just in time for the christmas issue of playboy.

i'd say right now that it's about 2-3 that she poses. however, one bet that is money in the bank is that her child is going to make kelly osbourne and paris hilton look like the von trapp kids. move over frances bean, there's going to be a new craziest mommy on the block.

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