a glimmer of hope for the WNBA?

this just in from the beautiful rochester/buffalo ny area, some 11 year old girl pitched a perfect game against boys, striking out all 18 of them while she was at it no less. of course, the obvious reaction...have the evils of steroids lodged its tentacles into little league?


Anonymous said...

nope-just more evidence that the only states in which youth sports are worth a damn are california, texas, and florida.

Anonymous said...

Do you hate jews?

Bob said...

well aren't the jews the ones who made annakin turn to the dark side of the force? of course i hate the jews.

what kind of innane question is that.
i almost deleted that last ridiculous comment, but i've decided to keep it as a reminder of how much smarter i am than some people.

Anonymous said...

obviously if this blog has any underlying theme, it is that the ragin asian really hates jews. finally, someone with the guts to say it.