really bad spin

this is kinda late, but still worth noting. former dallas cowboys great nate newton recently gave an interview detailing his drug dealing days. for those of you who don't know, after a stellar career with the cowboys that included two pro bowl appearances and three super bowls, newton got busted with over 200 lbs of marijuana in his mini-van. subsequently, he spent two and a half years in prison.

anyways, what i like best is his quote, "I've always been competitive, I've always been in sports. I couldn't see myself not being the biggest dope man." which translated into regular english is big nate saying, "i'm really not a bad guy, like all of those other drug dealers. you see, i'm an athlete, who's competitive, so i had no choice but to become a drug dealer."

not that i care, after all, i was a huge fan of the drug addled cowboys of the 90's, i just don't like the disingenious-ness of nate's quotes.

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