sports quick hits

1) another title IX lawsuit. this time a girl who didn't make the varsity volleyball team is suing because there isn't a junior varsity team like all of the boys teams do. the lawsuit also brings up the point that the boys football team takes chartered busses while all of the girl teams takes district owned vans. while i suspect that this is partly due to team size, the general argument that there is a much greater emphasis on boys sports than girls sports is undeniably true. title IX helped, but we're still a long way from any kind of gender equity in school based sports.

2) memphis grizzlies point guard jason williams is acting a little immature for his age. the story says that after being elimanated from the playoffs, williams took the pen from geoff calkins, who he felt had misquoted him or quoted him out of context in the memphis paper or some shit like that. the exact quote from calkin's newspaper column(use bugmenot.com for login):
"I'm happy," he told a CA reporter at practice Saturday. "I go home and see my kids and my wife and I'm OK. All this (bleep) is secondary to me."


There you go, Grizzlies fans, all of you who have fretted and stewed and invested your hearts in this team.

Jason's happy.

Basketball is secondary
amazingly enough, i'm on william's side on this one. our touchy feel-good culture tells us all the time that winning isn't everything, but yet we expect athletes to be willing to eat babies in order to win. it sounds like to me jason williams has some perspective. i'm not saying that williams was right to go after calkin's pen (although it's not that bad of a gag), calkin's column implies that jason williams is your typical spoiled athlete who doesn't care about fans. good lord, he's played pretty well all year, what do you want him to do? should he not be ok with his failure on the basketball court after seeing his family? should winning be more important to him than being a good husband and father? i just think that it's so dumb that we expect athletes to always hustle or try their best in life, when 1) none of us ever do, and 2) there are just so many situations in sports where it's obvious what the outcome of the game/series will be before it ends, i.e. being down 3-0 to tim duncan and the san antonio spurs in a best of seven series. did anyone really think that it was possible for the grizzlies to come back somehow and win a game? should jason williams let the fact that probably the best player on the planet and a really good supporting cast beat him and his overachieving bunch? anyways, what's really interesting about this is that williams is white. and these kind of accusations are usually reserved for black athletes. although it should be noted that williams lifestyle, diction, style of play, and dress is closer to african american than white. i'm not saying that's the reason, but we need to at least take it into consideration.

3) oklahoma's baseball coach, larry cochell resigned after using the n-word. what's amazing about this is that this guy has been in college athletics for over 15 years. it's not like all of sudden he thought that it was ok to just start using the n-word. chances are he uses it in his everyday life and in his thoughts about black people all the time. the point here is that it seems to me that we hear about this stuff all the time, yet the discourse of color blindness always complains that these are isolated incidents. believe me, the only reason cochell got caught was that he was dumb enough to use the word in public. again, common sense tells us that many more coaches use the word but just not in public. and hey guess what? that's racist, sucka!

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