i hate school

hi all, i'm currently stuck in finals hell. i really only have one paper to do, but it's due tomorrow and i don't have very much done. i may be reduced to asking for an extension, something that i've generally been able to eschew for most of my academic career, but you've got to cash in that goodwill at some point, heh? i'm also trying to get FCC certified for the radio show during the summer, and i've got the usual end of the year type social functions to attend. i'm also heading out to oakland on monday to drop HK off. so as you can guess, i'm freakin' busy so just back off!!!! anyways, there's a good chance that you won't hear from me until sometime next week. until then, i'll leave you some fun links.

from gordon keith:
1) postsecret.com - not unlike the grouphug.us link i posted up a long time ago, but this is for the more creatively inclined. mine would be all white, and then with my own blood, i'd write, "i hate white people".

2) leeeeroyyyyy jennnnnkins - i'm not sure how old this short little movie is. and people who play computer RPG's will find it funnier than other people, but i think most of you will appreciate leroy's jackassery. by the way, "leroy jenkins" is now what i say to get myself psyched up for anything.

from boingboing:
3) abercrombie experiment - this is actually pretty retarded. two girls, one dressed like a hot babe, the other dressed up in goth wear go try and get a job at abercrombie and big f-in surprise, the goth chick isn't taken very seriously. what i don't like about this is how two dipshits are getting notoriety for showing that we think goths are weird. ummm...i thought that was the whole point of being goth. also, does it make any sense that abercrombie would hire someone dressed in all black and a robert smith makeup job? also, last i checked there were no goth outfits available at abercrombie. why am i giving abercrombie so much type here? anyways, the point is f these two idiots for pretending to expose some kind of evil in the world, when we already knew what was going to happen.

4) the tulsa zoo is setting up a creationism exhibit in response to other quasi-religious displays in the zoo, such as a hindu elephant statue. i would much rather have the zoo take down the other quasi-religious displays rather than kowtow to these fundamentalists idiots. there is some irony, in that if you really believe in evolution, you also are really hoping that natural selection will eventually weed these a-holes out of the population. however, since social darwinism is such a flawed paradigm (humans and animals aren't the same), this probably won't happen. i still think they're a-holes.

see you in about a week. congratulations to all the graduating seniors out there.

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