pop life gets called up to the big leagues

after two years of technically unsound radio on kjuc, jp and i are all set to do a radio show for UCSB's official radio station, KCSB 91.9 in santa barbara. pop life will be making its FM debut on tuesday 4AM to 6AM, and you'll be able to hear us there every week at that time slot. of course, it's a crappy time slot, but apparently, everyone's first show on KCSB is at a relatively crappy time slot. of course, for our east coast friends, that means you'll be able to tune us in at via the miracle of the internet and the KCSB's webcast from 7AM to 9AM east coast time. anyway, i'm in the process of setting up a blog where you can subscribe to the podcast if you're not able to listen to us in real time. i'm pretty excited at the prospect of people actually being able to hear us and JP's unique brand of critical pop culture commentary or some crap like that. well, i have to update the website now and set up the podcast blog. hope some of you can tune in and we look forward to solving your pop culture problems on the radio!

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