¡ no habla a-hole!

according to this story, an umpire told a little league team that it couldn't speak spanish during a game. here's the quote from the little league spokesman, lance van auken:
It appears the umpire was concerned that the coach or manager may have been using a language other than English ... to communicate potentially 'illegal' instructions to his players.
perhaps he thought that the coach was instructing his players to hit the retarded kid in the head (see previous post). also, why in the world does a little league have a spokesman. i'm going to appoint myself the official spokesman of my fantasy baseball league.

anyways, the coach that was speaking spanish was only instructing his pitcher to try to pick off the runner on base, something that other teams do via hand signals. it seems to me that there's really not that much difference in using hand signals and spanish other than the spanish language is much more open to being stolen than hand signals, since many more people know spanish than they do this particular team's hand signals.

anyways, i know it's just a little league game, but there's simply no defending the actions of the umpire. according to the article,van auken claims that it was just an honest mistake and no disciplinary action against the umpire will be taken. but if you ask me, he's only half right. it was an honest racist mistake, and that at the very least, the umpire should be required to take spanish classes before he can umpire a game for kids again.

p.s. it would have been a good gag if the crowd started chanting
"¡ déjelos...ju...gar!"

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alfredo said...

it's a good thing they don't allow spanish, or say, mandarin, in little league. if they did, some damn foreigners would win their world series every year.