in defense of loverboy

it's weird. i love blogging, but there really just hasn't been much that has caught my eye in terms of things to blog about. i have been tempted to blog about the whole karl rove thing cuz it got me really riled up, but politics just ain't my bag. so instead i'll try to recreate something that i recently wrote in a letter to HK. it's pretty stupid, but i'll think you'll find it somewhat entertaining nonetheless.

here's something that i actually found on the web a while back. it's a pretty big file and it may take a couple of minutes even on broadband, but it's definitely worth it. anyways, it got me thinking about this song, everybody's working for the weekend. i've been listening to it quite a bit lately. anyways, i've been thinking that loverboy got kinduva raw deal.

i think that most people would say this song is a typical example of the kind of crappy rock music that came out of the 80s. you almost never hear the song on the radio anymore except when the adult-contemporary station plays it as part of their 80s flashback weekend. you would most definitely not hear it on a classic rock station where you might find a band like loverboy. seriously, were they any worse than cheap trick, winger, or dokken, all of which i have heard on the radio in the past two weeks.

my contention is that this is one of the great rock songs of our time. unfortunately it was a victim of circumstance. think about it. the song has a good beat, a pretty good riff, some nice guitar work, and a sentiment all of us can identify with. seriously, everybody is workin' for the weekend. and everybody does want a new romance, don't they? from these factors, it should be considered a good song. but no, what do we think of when we hear this song. all we can do is picture lead singer mike reno with the headband, the studded belt, the yellow tank top, etc...and we all we can think of is how retarded we all were in the 80s. while it may be true that we were retarded in the 80s we shouldn't punish loverboy for indulging in that excess like the rest of us. long live loverboy and the greatest song of all time, everybody's working for the weekend.

p.s. do yourself a favor and check out loverboy's official website. if nothing else, just sit through the flash intro. it's super cheesy/funny. did anyone else know that they have a guy in the band named "spider"? how did loverboy not become the biggest band ever?

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