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i apologize for the lack of posts lately. you see last weekend, i was in vegas and didn't get back until monday morning. couple that with my 4AM start time for the pop life radio show on tuesdays and i just haven't been able to balance the sleep deficit until today. anyways, there's no real connection with the following news stories, other than i have opinions on all of them.

1) cooter from the original dukes of hazzard says "don't go see the movie" - he says that the movie is trashy and sleazy. funny how he never said anything about catherine bach's shorts when the show was on the air. it's also funny that he thought that having a confederate flag was somehow "family friendly".

2) transformers movie set to roll out in 2006 - on the 4th of july no less. yeah as a kid, i was obsessed with these things. i remember one christmas my mom got me the whole set of destructicons who all joined up to create devastator. lots of lonely hours spent playing with those babies instead of playing with other kids. anyways, it's a live action movie, executive produced by scientoligist apologist steven spielberg, which should be interesting. another movie about beings from another planet...maybe spielberg is the secret evil mastermind behind scientology? anyways, what i found most interesting in the eonline story was producer don murphy's quote
It will be GREAT, and then we will make sequel after sequel. There is no doubt that this is true.
the enthusiasm is no big deal, but letting fans know that there will be an interminable number of sequels, meaning that he will eventually just pump out extremely crappy movies that exploits these nerds obsession with the movie. and make no mistake, that's what "sequel after sequel" means. i nominate tom cruise to play bumblebee, the clearly gay yellow volkwagen autobot.

3) we're out of sugar in the house, so for my coffee, i decided to try honey. i figure if you can use it with tea, that it would work fine with coffee. my coffee tastes like dogshit.

4) the espy awards were last night, and like most sports fan, i didn't give a crap. i really wish people would stop making up award shows. does anyone care that walter ray williams was named the best bowler by espn. does anyone really think that reggie miller's final game was really the best moment. even more bogus are the sponsored awards, the under armor undeniable performance award, won by misty may and kerri walsh, and the gmc professional grade performance award won by lance armstrong (huh?). these fabricated things just really bug the shit out of me. as if espn is really interested in recognizing the best in sports. please note that they gave out awards for best bowler and best outdoor athletes (j.r. salzman, lumberjack), both sports which are televised on espn, yet there was no official award for beach volleyball, which is televised on fox sports. i just hate the disingeniousness of it all.

5) speaking of stuff that nobody cares about, pro hockey: game on, garth! i can't imagine hockey fans not coming out to see the action next season, but casual fans definitely will have better things to do with their time. i wonder if it is possible that we see a sports league go completely out of business?

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