stephen a. smith, a quieter, blacker jim rome

stephen a. smith is getting his own tv show on espn2. for those of you who don't know, stephen a. smith is basketball columnist for the philadelphia inquirer. but you probably know him better as espn's tough talking, outspoken basketball analyst. you know, the black guy who is going a little bit bald and talks like he's malcolm x. i for one am looking forward to this show that he calls, "a cross between O'Reilly, Oprah and Larry (King)." he's definitely one of those love him or hate him type of guys. what i've found interesting in the coverage of his new show is that they're all working in something about his nickname, "screamin a. smith," which smith says he finds insulting. i'm inclined to agree.

he may be very outspoken and he may speak his opinions in a way that may completely discount people, but i don't really think he screams. like i said before, he talks like malcolm x, but even when he gets into an argument with bill walton, i feel like he is able to keep his cool pretty well without raising his voice, unlike walton (not that i am criticizing walton for doing so, i love him for it actually). sure he can be overdramatic, but that does not mean he is screaming. anyways, my guess is that he gets his reputation for screaming simply because he's black. i bet the reasoning is that just becuase a black guy has strong opinions, it means he's irrational and not capable of having an intelligent discussion and therefore he must be screaming his opinion. of course, this is racist. smith is a really good baksetball analyst. he's not the best there ever was, but he certainly is not the worst. and in fact, he's getting to the point where he's well known enough around the league that he is starting to get information before other media outlets. anyways, the point is, if you hate his style than fine, just don't say he's not knowledgeable and don't say he's screaming.

anyways, these sports talk shows on espn and fox tv are always kinduva tricky proposition. between jim rome's show, the whole around the horn mess, and PTI it just seems like none of the talk shows that are centered around a personality are just not that good? have any of you seen the I, Max show, starring max kellerman? now you want to talk about someone who screams all the time...anyways, it should be interesting to see how the show does, especially in light of the fact that rome's show has seen to have disappeared once hge moved from fox to espn. i'm actually pretty hopeful about smith's show, cuz i do think he brings more to the table than a tone of voice. just like rome does. although rome certainly has a distincive speech pattern, if you can get past that, it turns out he usually has some pretty good things to say. just like stephen a. smith. not to mention that smith, like me, isn't afraid to talk about race and the role that it plays in sports.


on cnnsi.com. they have one of those click through galleries that they're calling "terrell owens, uncensored". when i clicked through it i was expecting to find a bunch of quotes of owens spouting off about really dumb things and being a general jackass. however, when i flipped through it, there were only two quotes out of the twelve that i thought were really out of line or dumb things to say (accusing jeff garcia of being gay and saying that he's better than randy moss. sorry t.o., you're great, but you're no randy moss). again, it just seems we villify terrell owens more than we should. don't get me wrong, he can be a real sorry sonuvabitch, but i just have to wonder why so much attention is focused on his holdout.


alfredo said...

sorry, bob, stephen a. smith definitely screams. i saw him a few times on the nba dogshit show that espn runs out and he was a loud piece of shit. now, i turn the station whenever he opens his mouth. it has nothing to do with his being black; i gave pj carlesimo the same treatment when he was an analyst.



j. rome said...

that a-hole doesn't rack people like i do.

rack it.