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espn quick hits

1) i've been meaning to do this for a while, but i wanted to weigh in on espn's 50 states in 50 days that they've been running nightly on sportscenter and on espn.com. every day they've been profiling a different state in terms of its sports culture. usually this consists of going to a small town or an obscure sporting event held in the state and talking to the yokels about how sports affects their life. it completely sucks. for the past month, the life force has been completely sucked out of me as i watch some toothless hick talk about how if he didn't have the local minor league team, he wouldn't know what to do with himself. i understand that sports media outlets have to try and expand their markets by running these kinds of human interest stories, but i'm sick of it. as i've argued before, i think people don't watch sports because of the trite stories about how sports mirror real life and i don't give a crap about people overcoming hardships in other parts of their lives to excel at sports. i, and most other people watch it for the spectacle of the body. we want to see athletes excel in ways we could never imagine. and yes, for dudes, it is also a homoerotic thing where we can admire male bodies without being gay. i don't care about the turkey races in b.f.e. or how some small town raised money for a hockey rink. and as if that wasn't bad enough, sports illustrated already did this a couple of years ago. most people who watch espn already saw this and was as equally whipped by it, and i think espn is just completely alienating its core audience. show me michael vick throwing a ball 50 yards in the air off of his back foot over the cow chip tossing contest in oklahoma any day.

2) in their football preview, espn is also running a series of lists regarding franchises. so far, they've published a list for the top 10 efficient franchises, the top 10 stable franchises, and today the top 10 franchises that have the best chemistry. here are their rankings so far.

rankmost efficientmost stablebest chemistry

now i know that as with all lists, that there is a certain amount of subjectivity on the part of the author. but usually, there is some kind of objective criteria for ranking as well. however, in this case, all espn did was poll its five football writers. so the result of course is a list that basically a list of the ten best teams. i find this extremely problematic, because why don't they just give us a list of the ten best franchises and forego making distinctions between completely subjective concepts such as efficiency and stability.

for example, they could have easily counted something like the number of low draft picks that play at least 30% of the snaps at their position. for stability, they could have have counted the number of front office personnel or coaches with a tenure of 5 or more years. for chemistry, they could have measured the length of the quarterback-wide reciever tenure. it's really not that hard to come up with different more objective measures of these concepts. by just asking writers who they think is the most efficient team or who the most stable team is they will always answer the most winningest teams (re: NE asskissing fest), which really doesn't tell us anything interesting about how winning football franchises are put together. even worse, there are some extremely questionable choices on the list. for example, even with all of the crap going on in philly with T.O. and the rest of the team, you're gonna tell me that there's no bad blood in the lockerroom. i don't think so.

now i'm not against these kinds of lists as their always somewhat informative. for example, before baseball season they polled scouts about who had the best outfield arm, who threw the best fastball, who was the best base stealer, and things like that. i would have love to have read people's opinions on which qb had the strongest arm, which running back had the best juke, etc. lastly, i also would have liked to have seen a list with a bunch of worsts. who is the worst franchise? which franchise is the worst to work for? who has the worst drafts? these are things that ESPN could answer, but because they are too lazy to try to put together any real information, they give us pablum like this.

besides, i think we all know what the single greatest sports franchise in professional sports history is....

3) after bashing espn for a while, i'm gonna defend them now. in the new NFL television contract which starts in 2006, the sunday night game is now going to be televised on NBC. part of the deal that NBC and the NFL made, is that no one except NBC can televise anything NFL related. and when i say no one, that includes espn's NFL primetime. now if you're a football fan, then for the past umpteen years, you've watched football during the day and then after the sunday night game, you watched NFL primetime for the basically the most complete and best wrap up of the days games. now we have to wait until monday to get that. and i don't know about you, but that drives me completely crazy. true sportscenter and the local news will give us some highlights, but no other show breaks down every game as well as this show does. i really don't know what i'm going to do without it. even if you hate chris berman, the highlights package and the analysis is always good to have on sunday night. kinduva last gasp of leisure before your workweek starts. i imagine that NBC will try to come up with their own version of the show, but i can't imagine that it will be as good.

4) on a completely unrelated note, like everyone else, i'm blown away by the destruction of hurrican katrina. not to kick them while their down, but those people and that area is screwed in almost every way imaginable. i'm not saying that everyone there is just going to die or something, but i just don't know how it will be possible for that region to ever fully recover. however, that doesn't change the fact that people still need something to eat. i've been reading that money is basically useless to the victims, but instead they need food and clothing. so if you really want to help, don't donate money to relief organizations that already have tons of money, but instead, make a quick trip to your local food bank and drop off some non-perishables. the last i heard, the food banks over there are going to run out of their current supply tomorrow.

UPDATE 9-01-05: today, espn released their list of the franchises that do the best job with strategy for a game. at number five was the mike martz led st. louis rams. they're saying mike martz is a good strategist. that does it. these lists are completely bogus.


r. kelly: shark jumped

if you missed it on the MTV video awards, here's the clip of r. kelly performing the 6th chapter of his urban opera, trapped in the closet. i'm actually speechless. at this point, i think r. kelly might be better off in jail.


sports quick hits

1) my hometown pro baseball team gets accused of cheating! how dare mark buerhle besmirch the integrity of the texas baseball rangers by insinuating that the rangers have some elaborate light system to alert batters of the upcoming pitch. if i were him, i'd be more worried about the steroids that they're taking. the best line was issued by rangers DH phil nevin when he asked manager buck showalter why the lights weren't working when he went 0-4 that night. sure stealing signs is cheating, but is it any different stuff like the hide the ball trick? baseball's unwritten rules are some of the biggest load of b.s. ever. i say, if the rangers are smart enough to devise such an ingenious system, then more power to them. my other suggestion to mark buerhle is to mix up his signs like the rest of the major league pitchers do.

2) romania punishes two of the gymnasts on their women's national team by DISBANDING THE WHOLE EFFING TEAM. call me crazy, but it seems like a little bit of an overreaction. first, the violation was that two of the gymnasts attended someone's birthday party. they're freakin' kids...good lord, why don't you punish them for watching cartoons. second, i think that they could have doled a more proportional response than just canceling the team. it's a good thing that the romanians can't discipline american athletes for partying. between kobe, derek jeter, and ricky williams, there's wouldn't be any sports for us to watch.

3) spare men's tennis player writes really sexist things in a sports illustrated blog, number one women's player shrugs. justin gimmelstob wrote the following things on his blog
One of the benefits of having the women around is the ever-increasing desire for each and every young sassy player trying to outdo or, in this case, under-dress the next.

My prediction: Pretty soon the WTA practice courts and maybe even the match courts will resemble a women's volleyball court, with g-strings and bikinis being the only logical next step. Not that I'm complaining, or even think that wouldn't be a valuable marketing tool. But I'd like to recommend to players both female and male, and even coaches out on the practice courts ... if you resemble a beached whale, keep your gear on.
the really crazy thing about this is that he asked lindsay davenport to edit it, and she basically didn't really try to change anything or point out to gimmelstob that his comments are slightly inappropriate. the really great thing is that gimelstob is not ranked in the top 100 ATP rankings, yet SI gives him a podium for his dumb views.


the return of bobby the gook, preseason part 3

howdy folks, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend of preseason football. i know i did. today we're gonna go through the AFC and NFC south season wins over/under. numbers courtesy of betonsports.com.

AFC South
HOU - 7.5: over(even) under(-140)
vegas really seems to love houston for some reason. and of course, this makes sense, since they have at least one stud at each skill position. david carr started the year pretty good last year, but pretty much blew down the stretch. andre johnson, who in my opinion is the second most talented wide reciever in the league behind randy moss, was a little disappointing. the only guy that really delivered was dominick davis. i just don't know about the defense though. i still haven't heard of any of those guys and maybe they'll have a good year, but you usually have to have at least a few known commodities for it to come together. i think the texans will be better this year. playng indy twice a year isn't going to help. there's a stretch in their schedule that does at indy, and them home against KC and then again against STL. i wonder if how many points are going to be scored for those three games. i got to go with vegas here and take the under.

IND - 11.5: over (-130) under (-110)
everybody loves indy this year. after peyton's record breaking year, this seems to be the last year in the colts window with edgerrin james all but gone at the end of the season. while their defense is still probably a little suspect, they do have a couple of studs, particularly dwight freeney who is just a monster every time i've seen him play. of course, the thing about this number is that it is tied with NE for the highest in the league. are the colts good for 12 wins? their schedule starts off a little tough at baltimore and then at home against JAX, but after then, they have 5 pretty damn winable games with CLE, TEN, SF, STL, and HOU. so let's say they start 7-1, i think that 12 is very doable. i hate peyton, but give me the over.

JAX - 8.5: over(-130) under(-110)
love byron leftwich, hate fred taylor. halfway decent defense, but unlike most people, i think that jack del rio didn't do such a great job last season. i think that the schedule measures up pretty easily, but there's just not enough firepower for a winning season. give me the under.

TEN - 6.5: over(even) under(-140)
seriously, i hate this team. mcnair is old and is not good for more than 9 games. travis henry is ok, but he's obviously no willis mcgahee, and drew bennet, well this guy is as overrated as they come. he busted out for three games last season, but other than that, he didn't do jack. tough times for the titans for years to come. under all the way.

NFC south
ATL - 9.5: over(even) under(-140)
maybe i'm colored by my mancrush on michael vick, but i really don't know where vegas is coming with this one. their defense was really good last year and they're all young, and i know michael vick hasn't put up the numbers that everyone's expecting, but if you check his record as a starting qb, it's pretty damn good. i could make an argument about how vick and tom brady are in similar situations, but everyone loves brady and everyone picks on vick, but that's another post. i like this team a lot and i think they're in the super bowl this year. give me the over.

CAR - 9.5: over(even) under(-140)
if you notice this is the same line for the falcons. it seems like to me vegas is asking you who you think will win the NFC south this year. i love this team, especially julius peppers, who may soon supplant vick as my NFL mancrush. who doesn't get turned on by a lineman that can run like a defensive back? anyways, i have to stick with my prediction that ATL wins the division so i suppose i should take the under, but i think that the NFC south will be that division with two studly teams where the second place team would have won a bunch of other divisions. give me the over.

NO - 6.5: over(-130) under(-110)
aaron brooks is the single most frustrating fantasy player in the history of ever. they wrapped up duece for a long time and a big contract and joe horn is always a dependable player, so i guess vegas is saying, "what's not to like?" i got a bad feeling about this team. especially with the hurricane ripping the roof off of the superdome. give me the under.

TB - 7: over(-125) under(-115)
brian griese eh? yeah, i just don't see it. this team sucks. a rookie running back, an aging defense, and one reciever who had a pretty decent season last year, but doesn't look like an elite reciever to me. give me the under here.

ok, there you go, next time out, we'll do the NFC east including a prediction for the greatest team in america, the dallas cowboys and my season prognosis for them and the wacky NFC east.


dispatches from planet oprah

oprah's mad that anyone, the chicago defender, specifically, would accuse her of "snubbing" ebony publisher's john johson's funeral. according to her, she was in hawaii and couldn't make it back. now i don't know about you, but it seems to me that she was on vacation and i know for the fact from my limo driving days, that she has her own private jet on call 24/7, but she thought it was too much trouble to get back to chicago. and in my book, when you prioritize your own vacation over the funeral of an incredibly influential black person, who basically paved the way for you to be successful, well, that qualifies as a snub.

the return of bobby the gook, preseason part 2

last time out, we went over the AFC and NFC west. today we'll hit up the north divisions. for some reason, bodog.com doesn't have all of the season over/under lines up anymore so we're gonna go with betonsports.com for the numbers this week. the numbers seem to be a little bit different, and the odds don't seem as generous, but i think that they're only a half game off at the most. what are you gonna do with these unreliable online sports book? anyways, on with the picks.

AFC north
BAL - 10: over(-120), under(-120)
i just can't get behind kyle boller kids. he looks like the next coming of joey harrington or jeff fiedler. not bad players in terms of wins and losses, but don't count on them to win you games when you need them to. however, word on the street is that the defense is supposed to be even better than it was last year. schedule wise, they have the early bye and the tough part of their schedule comes at the end of the year. i just don't know on this one. but because i'm down on pittsburgh this year, i think i like the ravens to win the division, give me the over.

CIN - 8: over(-140), under(even)
i can't remember the last time everyone just assumed that the bengals would just be the doormat. it seems like every year people want them to be the surprise team of the season. i blame chris berman. in any case, carson palmer looked good at the end of last year. he played like you really want a franchise quarterback to play. inconsistent, only because he's young, but flashes of brilliance to show that he can win with a little more practice. that and i love the johnson brothers, rudi and chad. this is the year. add in the fact that gamblor likes the over...i will obey my master, give me the over.

CLE - 4.5: over(-140) under(even)
the browns on the other hand, still look like a doormat to me. trent dilfer at qb heh? good luck with all of that. lee suggs is the only thing that's going, yet vegas likes the over. like the niners, it is only because that winning only four games in a 16 game schedule is tough to do. however, i count only six winnable games on their schedule, and do i think they'll win 5 out of those six. nope, give me the under.

PIT - 9.5: over(-160) under(+120)
hmmmm....is it possible for vegas to set a trap this early in the season? surely like i have, vegas sees that big ben can't possibly have as good as a season as last year (which in reality wasn't that good). surely vegas also sees that the bus is too old to have two great seasons in a row. surely vegas sees that plaxico burress was a big part of that arsenal and while antwaan randle el may be pretty good, he's a gimmick player at best. i think that pittsburgh disappoints in a big way this year. give me the under.

NFC north
CHI - 6.5: over(-160) under(+120)
one word: chutch. the good news is that chad hutchinson will only be at the reins for a week. and it's pretty clear that last year was a disaster for their defense injury wise. two of their three best players played three games between them. i expect that their defense is going to be pretty damn good again this year. however, it won't be enough to make up for a month of chutch though, but it'll be good enough for 7-9. give me the over here.

DET - 8.5: over(-145) under(+105)
my roomate will undoubtedly be happy to see that vegas likes the over for his hometown heroes. just barely though. sorry i just don't see it. kevin jones will help, but he's no julius jones. also, they brought in jeff garcia, to no doubt take over the hopeless harrington (don't let the preseason fool you kids, it doesn't mean anything!) but come on man, do you see jeff garcia hitting the lottery twice and having another good season? the problem in detroit is the front office. matt millen sucks and it's amazing to me that he's kept his job for as long as he has. he seems to have no clue in how to build a team. this year's draft pick of mike williams is one of the loonier picks of all time on a club that already basically has 2 rookie wide recievers who are starting. get an o-lineman to pave the way for jones. under! under! under!

GB - 8: over(even) under(-140)
as i mentioned in the last post, vegas doesn't like the packers' chances this year. here's my thinking though, davenport will take over for green this year, and javon walker will continue to develop as a top receiver. favre still seems to have something left in the tank, and the defense is always pretty decent. the lambeau mystique is gone, but i dunno, i like the pack this year. i'll take the over.

MIN - 9.5: over(-140) under(even)
this is a case where i think vegas and i agree but for different reasons. unlike virtually everyone else, i think that minnesota's offense is emphatically not better without randy moss. their offense won't be as explosive, especially since they have a gaggle of slightly below average running backs. i don't think anyone will step up. but....someone has to win the division and that daunte culpepper is really good. so good, i'm tempted to take him above manning. give me the over.

again, please leave your picks in the comments section, no doubt erik will have something to say about the detroit pick.


the return of bobby the gook, preseason part 1

if you take a look at the calendar, you'll notice that football season is less than a few weeks away. which means, that my gambling weinie is getting aroused at the prospect of another season of making cash money hoes! as usual, i'll be throwing out my weekly picks once the regular season begins, but every year, before the season starts, vegas throws out a set of bets that can be extremely interesting and fun to think about. they are the preseason over/under for team wins. each team gets a number and you bet whether they'll win more or less than that number. of course, vegas has to keep the edge, so they adjust the wagers to reflect what they'll think will happen for the season. for example, the number for the packers is 8. the over is getting +110, and the under is getting -140. if you bet 100 dollars on the over, you'll win 110 dollars. if you bet 140 bucks on the under you'll win 100 bucks. this is interesting for a number of reasons. first, as we all well know, gamblor knows all, so it's always to interesting to see what gamblor thinks of a teams preseason chances. to use the example above, you're getting a real shitty return if you bet the under vs. a much better return for the over. this is vegas' way of getting you to take the less likely bet, which in turn means that vegas doesn't have any faith in ahman green's recovery or brett farvre's prospects for another typical favre year. the other real interesting thing about this is that it is a hell of a lot more difficult to project performance over a season than it is over the course of one game. there are just so many things to take into consideration to project the season: how good is the teams division? how is their schedule shaping up? is the home-away schedule favorable or not? how will older stars hold up injury wise? i could go on and on. anyways, to get our football weinie's in shape, i figure we'll go ahead and go through all of the teams. if i did them all at once, that would be just way too long of a post, so i'll do one or two divisions at a time. today, i'm going to go through the AFC West and the NFC west. for those of you who want to post your predictions to match up with mine, leave your picks in the comments section. this year, i've decided to get the lines from bodog.com. anyways, on with the picks.

AFC west
DEN - 8.5, over(-145), under(+115)
tatum bell looked pretty good at the end of last year, so their offense looks like it will be pretty good. however, i think that kc, and oak will be better than they were last year. plus let's not forget everybody's favorite sundevil interception machine, jake the fake. i think a lot of people are making the every other year argument for jake, but i'm not buying, that guy is a turnover waiting to happen. plus, good value here, give me the under.

KC - 9.5: over(-105), under(-125)
quite frankly, this number stuns me. i can't believe it's so high. i do think that they will be better than last year. from all accounts, the defense is better, but if you think about it, how could it get any worse? probably the main reason for this number is the assumption that priest holmes is a full go for the regular season. i'll buy it. i also think that priest holmes might be the #3 fantasy back behind LT and shaun alexander. he was on his way to another immortal fantasy season before he got hurt last year. give me the over.

OAK - 8: over(-110), under(-120)
vegas has this one nailed. i'm really high on this offense fantasy wise. the addition of moss will make such an impact. minnesota is going to miss him more than they think, and joey porter, lamont jordan, and kerry collins will all have career years. but there's really no telling how this will affect their win total. the offense wasn't the biggest problem last year. don't get me wrong, it was a problem, but the main problem was a defense that looked listless and just plain old. no pass rush, and a below average secondary, and no real additions. add in a brutal schedule, and i'll go with vegas on this one, give me the under.

SD - 8: over(-150), under (+120)
it seems apparent that vegas doesn't think that last year was a fluke. gates has reported so that's extremely important, and of course, LT will pile up 2000+ all purpose yards as usual. my questions are directed at drew brees. one good year, big contract signed, a young guy nipping at his heels, it all spells a fluke year. philip rivers is no roethlisberger, so when they put him in, he'll struggle. i'll take the value here again, and i'll take the under.

NFC west
AZ - 7.5: over(-145), under(+115)
i'll always root against godboy kurt warner, but it looks like to me that he'll have a good season. the cards defense was really good last year, and they were really young. i'm sold on arrington, and i think that anquan boldin is going to break through big time this year. it doesn't hurt that they have to play the niners twice this season either. the rest of the schedule doesn't look that tough either. over all the way.

SF - 4.5: over(-115), under(-115)
as bad as the niners were last year, they're going to be even worse this year. rookie quarterback, mediocre backfield, one semi-legitimate recieving threat, and only one guy that can play defense...ughh. i'd also like to point out that even in the lean years of salary cap hell, the cowboys were never this bad. anyways, the trick here is the fact that the number is so low. a 4-12 team is just god awful and conventional wisdom says that the niners should be able to at least pull of a couple of upsets outside of the division and win a couple at home. that middle of the schedule is pretty soft with was, tb, nyg, and chi in consecutive weeks after the bye. i'll take the over here.

SEA - 8.5: over(-140), under(+110)
hmmmmm....it seems that they just replaced jerry rice and koren robinson with joe jureviczzf. they also have a receiver named taco wallace. which has nothing to do with their over/under, but i thought i'd bring it up anyways. but the thing is, it's not like he was the only one dropping passes. darrell jackson was dropping everything last year as well. but...weak division, middling schedule, stud back who is now happy. i'll take the over here.

STL - 8.5: over(-115), under (-115)
like the niners, vegas seems unsure as to what's going to happen in STL. my theory is that vegas is unsure if martz is finally going to get fired this year. stephen jackson is going to help out, but not enough. remember, we're talking about mike martz here. if martz gets the axe before week 8, i'd take the over, but no contingency bets. i'll take the under.

well, there you go. i seriously cannot wait for the season to start. i'm sure that fredo is going to weigh in, but please anyone else who wants to venture forth their predictions, leave them in the comments section.

sports quick hits

1) huggybear gets shitcanned. for those of you who don't know, bob huggins, coach of deapul's conference USA rival cincinnati men's basketball team finally got fired yesterday after a real drawn out ugly series of episodes, inclusing a series of felons getting recruited, alleged recruiting violations, and a drunk driving arrest. according to this story, it took a newbie university president that wasn't plugged into the alumni to make the decision that all of the negative things that a big time college sports program brings was not worth the money that it brought in. what's even more interesting about the story is the revelation that whenever univsersity presidents take on athletic programs, they may win in the short term, but it is only a matter of a few years until they are pressured out of their position. technically, huggins resigned, but it was one of those "quit or be fired" things handed down from the university brass. i always found that just strange, that you would give someone the choice to resign even though everyone and their mom knows you're really getting fired. i suppose that the reasoning is that you don't have to pay a severance package if you fire someone, but i say, if you're going to take a stand, then take a stand. eat the buyout and show people that you're serious about cleaning up college sports. anyways, i'm sure that nick lachey is inconsolable today. perhaps jessica simpson can cheer him up by reminding him of his nonexistent career.

2) curt schilling gets all pious about rafael palmeiro. here's his quote
Yeah. I read something the other day about his career, his career numbers and how a lot of his career numbers coincide with certain dates and he obviously sat next to me in Washington [before Congress] and lied, so I don't know there's any way to prove that anything he did was not under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs.
well if memory serves me correctly, he once said that steroids was a big problem in baseball, then in front of congress he said that he was overstating it, and now he's saying it's a big problem again. so he sat next to palmeiro and lied as well. i'm not saying that raffy's not a liar, because i think that he is, but it's just so douchey to accuse someone of lying to protect himself, when you have done it so publicly yourself.

3) french guy gets pious about lance armstrong. i guess that there's some paper article that supposedly shows documents that prove lance armstrong was on EPO, the balco steroid. as you can imagine, it touched off a slapping match of words between the french guy, who was also the tour de france director in 1999, and armstorng. says french guy:
For the first time -- and these are no longer rumors, or insinuations, these are proven scientific facts -- someone has shown me that in 1999, Armstrong had a banned substance called EPO in his body
and lance fires back
I actually spoke to him for about 30 minutes and he didn't say any of that stuff to me personally. But to say that I've fooled the fans is preposterous. I've been doing this a long time.
there are two things going on here that annoy me about public fighting. the first is from the frenchman and his use of the word scientific. um...i'm not sure that unsubstantiated documents that mysteriously appear 6 years after the fact qualifies as scientific. maybe the french do science differently, but i'm gonna need a little more than that. perhaps there was something lost in translation, but it is a cheesy trick to try and use the word "science" to validate what you say. ask any one who's ever tried to get anything published, just because you put it down on a report doesn't make it true. don't get me wrong, i think lance is g-u-i-l-t-y. but the french guy is well...just being french. on lance's side, the use of a ten cent word "preposterous" is something that he's been doing for a while now to combat these charges using cheesy superlatives (not unlike tara reid) such as "preposterous", "unequivocally", and michael jackson favorite, "ludicrous". just say "it's false".

4) marlins' batboy gets suspended for...milk? just a stupid story. he's a freakin' kid. if anything, they ought to suspend brad penny for child abuse...or they ought to give him an award for being a comic genius.


new pop life radio show mp3 available for download

you can now download the mp3 of the august 23rd, 2005 broadcast of the pop life radio show at the pop life radio show blog/podcast. enjoy!


milton bradley plays race games

that's a horrible pun that really doesn't have anything to do with this post, but it was necessary. sorry, i don't make the rules.

anyways, dodger centerfielder milton bradley was quoted today as saying that teammate jeff kent doesn't know how to relate to african american players. and while i'm sure there will be all sorts of people saying that bradley is playing the race card, i say that i'm surprised that this is the first we've heard of this kind of thing. we've seen outright racists like john rocker before, but i think that this is the first time that i've heard a person of color saying that another white player just doesn't get it when it comes to race. and as you, o faithful blog reader, can guess, i think that this is the case for the majority of whitey. not all of them mind you, but a great majority of my honkee brothers and sisters think that racism ended after the 60s.

athletes and sports people always talk about team unity and trusting one's teammates and how it takes time to develop chemistry and how they have to respect each other. but tell me, how can a black player respect a white person when the white person basically never ever considers things from a non-white point of view? i don't know if jeff kent is this way, but judging from some of his other sorry behavior in the past, and the fact that his off season residence is in scottsdale az, my guess is that bradley is probably right. unfortunately, bradley doesn't have the greatest past in terms of public behavior and rhetoric either. but listen to this quote
White people never want to see race -- with anything. But there's race involved in baseball. That's why there's less than 9 percent African-American representation in the game. I'm one of the few African-Americans that starts here.
this is something that i've been saying for a while now, that the most taboo subject in sports is race, despite the fact that it is one of the central exes around which professional sports is organized. any mention of race and how it is the source of difference is deemed as counter to the meritocratic ethos of sports, and breaking this rule will result in sanctions maybe by the sport itself via athletes, management or whatever, but i'm almost sure that bradley will be excoriated in the press for playing the race card. why couldn't dontrelle willis have said this?


everyone's doing the taradise!

have any of you seen taradise? this is tara reid taking over brooke burke's old spot at wild on on the e! channel. a far cry from the original travel show that wild on was before, now the the show is completely wheels off. the show i saw had tara in greece with paris hilton and her fiancee, and the show consisted of 5 different elements.

element #1 - a completely blitzed tara reid club hopping, while hooking up with random greek guys. this segment far and away takes up the majority of the air time, and let me tell you, it's just plain embarrasing. she reminds me of the sorority girl that no one really know how she got in the sorority in the first place.

element #2 - a completely hung over tara reid overusing superlatives to describe everything. "the restuarant was absolutely amazing." "the club was the most incredible fun i've ever had." "the island is completely gorgeous." "i kiss paris hilton's ass better than everyone." "my boob job is the worstest ever." you get the picture.

element #3 - random "friend"/publicist saying over and over how tara's a great person and how the public has tara all wrong. for some reason, the show thought it necesary to point out that this random person was incubus' manager. as if that gives her some kind of indie street cred? anyways, i'm guessing that part of tara's deal was that there would always be a publicity flack trying to make it seem like tara reid is not a complete alcoholic.

element #4 - tara reid, her crew, and locals running around in bikinis. this is far and away the most disappointing part of the show. for those of you who remember, not only did the original wild on have brooke burke looking generally hot, it made it a point to find the hottest woman in the club/beach/resort/strip club and not only did they show her shaking her money maker, but then they would import playmates, beefcakes, and other hot people to help do the show. i'm afraid that between tara's lipo scars and her flunkee tri-delt crew, the hotness factor of this show has fallen off dramatically.

element #5 - this is really part of element #1, but it is so great that it deserves it's own mention here. tara reid dancing. bill simmons describes it as "lurching around like a marlin," which is a fair description. i liken it more to a sea lion at sea world clapping, or a retarded kid watching barney. anyways, one of my favorite blogs, defamer, dubbed tom cruise's couch dance on oprah "doing the cruise". the title of this post is homage to that genius bit of comedy. anyways, i'm going to go ahead and rip off defamer and dub tara's new dancing style, sure to be sweeping the world's hottest clubs, "the taradise". here is a quick illustrated primer on how to do this dance.

step 1 - ready position.

while smiling awkwardly, as if you aren't sure you are cool enough to be hanging out with people this rich, stand at a slight angle, as if you are on your 4th mai tai, upper arms pressed to your side and forearms extended as if trying to describe the size of the fish that got away.

step 2 - the oversway

sway in the opposite direction that you started at, overcompensating for the fact that you are blottoed, and stop at an angle that is 10 degrees more than your original starting position. they key here is to use a jerking motion when you sway intstead of the usual fluid swaying that you might do when doing other dances. also, if possible, time the sway so that it is not in time with music

step 3 - clap like your pants are on fire!

clap your hands once, and look around for someone to acknowledge the fact that your fake boobs look great tonight. again, jerking motion and clapping not on the beat is the preferred method.

step 4 - recalibration

now this is the key move in the dance. instead of moving in a circle or changing the angle of the direction you are facing like you would normally do when dancing, move laterally, as if you were staggering...perhaps staggering drunk is a better descriptor.

step 5 - refueling

do another shot.

step 6 - repeat until no one ever even considers casting you in a major studio production.

there you go kids, one simple dance that shows everyone that you're not as crazy as natasha lyonne, but at the same time still making everyone uncomfortable with your apparent problem with alcohol.

i miss brooke burke.

p.s. with lyonne, courtney love, and eminem all in rehab, i think that mark burnett ought produce a reality show where all three of them get moved into the same hospital ward. give me a call mark, we can make this happen.

p.p.s. thanks to yama g for the inspiration for this post.


the ragin asian visits dallas cowboys training camp

as some of you may already know, the dallas cowboys NFL franchise conducts its preseason training camp in oxnard california. it's the first time i've ever witnessed a professional team sports franchise first hand and it was pretty interesting. here's what i learned yesterday.

1) the crowd for the most part was pretty mild. a little goofy, but for the most part, a docile group of people. for example, the defense was running a quasi 7 on 7 drill where the secondary and the linebackers would line up aganist other defensive players. the non-linebackers and the non-secondary would run a fake play at about half speed and the defense have to defend a passing play. anyways, during one snap, dat nguyen made an interception and someone in the crowd yelled out "good play dat!" as if somehow dat would be encouraged by what some flunkee's evaluation of his effort during a freakin' practice.

the only time the crowd got semi-rowdy was at the end of practice as the players were walking off the field and people were trying to get autographs. as you can imagine, there were a bunch of kids all yelling out the names of players. for the most part, it seemed like a good number of players stopped to sign, including julius jones, roy williams, and a bunch of people i didn't recognize. keyshawn johnson didn't even break stride on the way to the locker room. bill parcells signed only one autograph, and then basically told everyone else to kiss his black ass. while c and i were watching the players walked off, we heard one lady scream in an extremely annoying voice, "that's not fair bill, if you sign one you have to sign them all." at that moment, i could only feel pity for whoever mom that was. anyways, like i said, bill didn't even acknowledge. it was pretty funny.

2) drew henson really really sucks. i made it a point to watch him all day, and during any drill that involved defenders, seriously, he was about as a good of a professional football player as me. during one sequence, he played three snaps during a scrimmage, 0-3, 1 INT. his throws were wobbly and erratic the whole day. he has the look of a kid that is losing all confidence in his ability. which is a shame, because i was really hoping that he might pan out as a decent enough quarterback to drive the bus for cowboys playoff teams in the future. but from what i can see, he has no future as a pro football player.

3) drew bledsoe is not that much better. his throws looked ok, but he as immobile as everyone says he is. his fortunes this year depend on the offensive line having to give him all day to throw and that's just not going to happen.

4) julius jones looked really good. i don't know if it because it is practice and they're not really supposed to tackle the skill players, but he seemed to be biting off 5-6 yards at a time, with several 10+ yd runs.

5) i don't know about the secondary. i got the closest look at this unit because they were practicing right near where i was standing. terence newman didn't look all that great and during scrimmage, he got burned a few times. i'm really not worried about roy williams, and the rest of the dudes were getting burned repeatedly by the cowboys receivers.

6) the cowboys are not going to be very good this year. i'll unveil a prediction about their record this season in a later posting, but just know that .500 will be a long proposition.

7) football players are freakin' huge. you know that they're big from the numbers, but it really is something else to see these guys in person. roy williams was completely buffed out and add in the pads and the fact that they're all pure muscle, it ends up making them look even bigger. jason witten is gigantic, as is flozell adams and larry allen. i know that basketball players are tall and that baseball sluggers are pretty big too, but of all professional sports, football is the one that i could least picture myself playing. the idea of one of these dudes running full speed to knock me on my ass is more scary than anything that could happen in other sports.

8) offensive lineman are extremely lazy. at the end of practice, the players were running sprints in groups. the groups were divided by position and the offensive lineman almost always didn't touch the line. during one sprint, larry allen stopped a full fifteen feet before reaching the line and turned around a jogged half speed back.

sure the boys are going to be bad this year, but how many of these does your team have?


new pop life radio show mp3 available for download

you can now download the mp3 of the august 16th, 2005 broadcast of the pop life radio show at the pop life radio show blog/podcast. enjoy!


fez, you're no ashton kutcher...

this is a really bad idea.

yo mama so c-list that you couldn't get a cameo on that 70's show!

everybody's just a big ol' douchebag

douchebag #1 - terrell owens. ok kids, let me preface this with saying that usually when it comes to athlete management disputes, you're talking to someone who almost always sides with the athlete. that being said, the t.o. situation in philadelphia has gone from bad to worse. after getting kicked out of training camp for a week, he's gone on to do interviews with PTI, chris berman, and i saw his this morning on sportscenter with scott van pelt (to see any of this, just go to espn's video page). and that's just the espn stuff that i check regularly. i think that yesterday i saw him give an interview to the media from his house while doing curls. good shtick, but a little wacky, even for me. what you see here is someone who thinks that the eagles and the media are conspiring against him to make him look like an ass. here's my message to T.O., presidential assassinations and genocide are the kind of things that require conspiracies. discrediting a cry-baby prima-donna athlete who's homophobic (or deeply closeted) and constantly badmouths his teammates doesn't need a conspiracy. i want so bad to root for terrell owens, but even i, the athletic apologist can't get behind him on this.

douchebag #2 - MLB and the players union. kenny rogers who was suspended for picking a fight with a cameraman, had his suspension reduced to 13 games. an indepedent arbitrator rules that commisioner selig had violated the procedural terms of the collective bargaining agreement and thusly should have never been the one to suspend rogers in the first place. so in other words, rogers got off on a technicality. if one of selig's underlings had handed down the suspension, everything would have been kosher. as if that wasn't bad enough, the arbitrator also ruled that his fine could just be changed into a charitable donation in kenny's name. so not only does he not have to pay the fine to MLB (who would have donated that money to a charity as is standard operating procedure), he gets to write it off on his taxes. additionally, by appealing the suspension, kenny got to play in the allstar game where he earned a $50,000 bonus. he actually made money on this! so for kenny's actions, all he got was a week and a half vacation and tax write off. if it were me, i would've suspended him for the rest of the year and made him forfeit the rest of his salary for the year. you also know that rogers feel vindicated and that he thinks that he has been affirmed that he no moral transgression was committed when he assaulted a man who was simply doing his job. and baseball continues its slide to irrelevancy.

douchebag #3 - michael jordan (special local edition!). apparently when his airness was in santa barbara for his summer basketball camp, him and some of his buddies started a fire near the golf course that they were playing at. according to the story, part of jordan's party was probably at the hole where the fire started when it started. it also says that jordan probably wasn't in the foursome, but can probably identify who was there. so far, no cooperation with local authorities from the jordan camp. just a real douchebag statement that reads:
As the authorities have noted, Michael Jordan had no involvement in the fire at Rancho San Marcos Golf Course in Santa Barbara, California. He was golfing at the golf course when the fire occurred and he praises the actions of the firefighters. He is also pleased that no one was injured in the fire (douchebag emphasis added by the ragin' asian).
ughhh. just f-in tell them who was golfing with you for chrissakes. you're a billionaire and any of the sycophantic-butt-licking-flunkies that were with you can't expect any kind of loyalty when they start a freakin' forest fire!

douchebag #4 - pro sports unions. it looks like some football players are going to be exposed as steroids users. i've said it before, but of all of the sports, football is the one where it is most obvious that steroids is a problem. and part of the problem is that the sports unions, rather than look out for the real working rights of their players, they just look out for their star players. this of course gives unions a bad name, especially in a time when the labor movement doesn't need it. of course, the mlb union is just as sorry. in addition to the whole kenny rogers' situation, they're going to fight raffy's suspension on a technicality as well. there also some buzz that there are at least 5 or 6 players who have tested positive for steroids but because of the appeals process spelled out by the collective bargaining agreement, have not yet been suspended. which again only proves that despite a bunch of idiots who say otherwise, steroids is more prevelant, exactly as the supposedly exploitive and sensationalistic press says it is.

douchebag #5 - national abortion and reproductive rights action league. they recently recalled an ad against suprmemcourt nominee john roberts saying that he supported extreme prolife groups including a convicted abortion clinic bomber. no i'm as pro-choice as any lefty, but here are their statements regarding the pullnig of the ad
Unfortunately, the debate over that advertisement has become a distraction from the serious discussion we hoped to have with the American public.

We also regret that many people have misconstrued our recent advertisement about Mr. Roberts' record
and as any savvy media analyst will tell you, they're trying to sidestep the issue that they didn't do their homework and ran an ad that they knew probably wouldn't stand up to scrutiny. and of course, this only contributes to the inability to get any real dialogue on this issue, which is something that the right normally does. and it makes all of us pro-choice people look bad. i just don't understand why they can't admit their mistake, or why any of these people can't admit their mistakes, which leads up to...

douchebag #6 - the philadelphia eagles. just cuz t.o. is being a baby doesn't mean that he's not right. he's not in the top 10 in terms of receiver's salary and he's at least the third or fourth best receiver in the league. as i've always said, there's a double standard when it comes to sports' franchises and athletes. while athletes, especially black athletes, are expected to just take whatever management gives them even if it is unfair, management is allowed to cut players or force them to renegotiate all in the name of saving money. why shouldn't t.o. get paid better? he deserves a raise, and if the eagles were really the good guys in this whole episode, then they would compensate t.o. fairly. just because he signed a contract doesn't mean that the contract is fair. of course the good news from all this is the NFC east is now wide open since with or without t.o. the eagles will be worse for the wear, and that opens up the door for america's greatest sports franchise to march back to glory, and proves once again, that america and god hate the philadelphia eagles.

please feel free to add anyone to this list of recent people who are guilty of douchebaggery in the comments section.


why are we fighting?

sir mick gets political on your ass.

yes, this post was a vehicle to get this picture on the blog.


because my high school experience was nothing like theirs...

that's why i watch laguna beach. deal with it. actually, this is probably one of the only shows that i'm a little bit ashamed to admit that i watch. at least with felicity, i could make the resident assistant connection, but i have no good excuse for laguna beach. anyways, the reason why i made this confession is because of this. the homecoming pictures that the good folks over at tvgasm.com scored were just too good to pass up.

new pop life radio show mp3 available for download

you can now download the mp3 of the august 9th, 2005 broadcast of the pop life radio show at the pop life radio show blog/podcast. enjoy!

cheating pitchers

jayson stark has a really good column up today on espn.com. the gist of it that we're getting so bent out of shape about steroid users because they are cheaters. however, when it comes to pitching, we tend to giggle delightfully at tales of scuffing the ball or throwing spitballs, both of which are illegal and can be considered cheating as well. stark attributes the discrepancy to the fact taht the home run is more significant from an emotional standpoint than pitching acheivements. stark sums up thusly:
We love home runs. We especially love really long home runs. So by extension, we love our hallowed home run records. We love them more than any other records in sports. And if those records are being threatened by "cheaters," now that offends us.
while i do think he has a point, for me, as you might guess, one of the more obvious reasons why we are dismissive of the cheating pitchers as opposed to cheating batters is.....yeah, of course i think it's race.

the traditional dichotomy used by people is the black body/white mind dichotomy. black people are closer to nature, more savage if you will, and therefore rely on their physical skills. while whitey being enlightened in europe in the early 1400's and all rely on their mental acumen. which is why white athletes are always being praised as smart athletes (i'd like you to meet john rocker). anyways, hitting and pitching i think fall along these categories. pitching has always been considered a cerebral skill, more so than hitting. so when pitchers cheat, they're just being smart, and there's nothing wrong to gaining an advantage by being smarter right? while cheating at hitting, considered a physical, almost reflexive act, is just an unfair advantage that insults our fair play sensibilities. and well for those of you who think hitting home runs or hitting in general, should read the tony gwynn chapter of men at work by goerge will.

anyways, of course, this is complete b.s. like a lot of the other typical arguments about the nature of sports. go look it up kids, there really aren't that many pitchers out there who can't hit at least ninety on the gun, and even more telling, there are fewer pitchers who are even remotely successful throwing junk. therefore, pitching success has just as much to do with physical talent as it does with mental capabilities.

also, i don't think that it's that hard to see that the majority of pitchers who are known cheaters were white, and that a lot of the blame for steroids is being directed at the latino ballplayer. like stark, i'm not saying that using steroids should be allowed (actually, i sometimes think that they should be, but that's another post), but what i am saying, like stark, is that there is a double standard for hitters and pitchers, and i think that race has something to do with it.

madden '06 players beware

a chinese guy died after 50 straight hours of playing video games.

before everyone gets in a tizzy about how this is an example of how video games are bad for you, i'd just like to point out, that it's likely that you would drop dead after 50 hours of doing anything. i.e. you would probably drop dead after only say 35 hours of running, which is supposed to be good for you.



i've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but for whatever reason, i'm only getting to it now. i'm happy to make the announcemt that pop life, the radio show that i do with jp on KCSB 91.1 FM on tuesdays from 4AM to 6AM is now listed on the itunes podcast directory. what that means is that for those of you who use ipods or itunes can now subscribe to the podcast with a single click.

no muss, no fuss, just one click on the graphic above and itunes takes care of the rest. whenever i post a new show, itunes will automatically download it for you, and you can listen to it whenever you want. may i suggest that you listen to it while commuting to work. i find that it passes the time quite quickly. i've added this button to the sidebar on the right of this blog, as well as to the pop life podcast blog.

anyways, i wanted to say a few things about podcasting. i've already said most of these things on the july 27 broadcast of pop life, but i wanted to add them to the blog for posterity. anyways, here goes...

i love podcasts. no i mean i looooooooove them. i find that i almost don't even listen to music anymore. how popular this thing will end up being has yet to be determined, but i much prefer my NPR, my movie reviews, or whatever it is i'm listening to in a format that i can take anywhere, and listen to at any time. what really has sealed this deal for me is the fact that my favorite radio station in the entire world, KTCK 1310AM in dallas, is now podcasting. before, i had to be next to a computer to listen to it since they broadcast from dallas, and the only means of listening was their streaming broadcast. but now, like janet jackson and i have said before, anytime, anyplace. of course, i've always liked radio alot, so i imagine that this will only appeal to people who liked radio in the first place.

anyways, the big question that seems to be on everyone's mind is can this make money, the way that some blogs have been able to. mark cuban wrote a pretty good piece on why podcasting won't be profitable on his blog. i've got really nothing to add except that i think that this spells the end for satellite radio. why would you pay for customized programming when you can get it for free. as long as people keep creating this stuff for no other reason than to have a soapbox, everything that satellite radio offers, you can get for free via podcasting, except with podcasting, you add the time portability aspect. and what's more valuable to people than their time.

this is especially interesting in light of howard stern's impending departure from the mainstream airwaves to move to satellite radio. i just don't think he's going to be able to pull enough listeners with him over the long haul, when 1) there are a million clones of him already on regular free radio, and 2) there will be a million more who will make podcasts available for free. if mainstream stations like KTCK are providing podcasts for free, it will only be a matter of time before his competitors do the same. i'm not saying that his competitors are as good, but stern is not so much better than his competitors that people are going to pay a premium for him. don't get me wrong, for some things satellite radio makes sense, like broadcasting all of the NFL games, but why wouldn't someone like me just pay a fee to be able to download the podcasts of game broadcasts and listen to them when i want? and why wouldn't the NFL take advantage of this fact.

apparently, this isn't stopping stern from being an arrogant s.o.b. he recently announced a deal with in-demand video to carry his show on a pay-per-view kinda thing. true it's uncensored and you won't be able to see it anywhere else, but if the main draw is T&A, as i've mentioned plenty of times before, you can also get that for free on the internet. howard stern will always enjoy some success because of his reputation, but i just don't know if even the king of all media can stop the digital revolution. maybe this is what marx was talking about.

anyways, the show is tomorrow morning, so expect a piping hot fresh pile of pop life available soon.


more makeup blogging

again, i've been neglecting the blog this week. as always, i beg your forgiveness, o sweet clean blog reader. the second summer session has started here at UCSB and i am the instructor for SOC108ST, which is a course on content analysis. it takes up a ton of my time, so leisure activiites like the blog tend to fall by the wayside. if i could only get paid to blog so that i could drop out of grad school and do this blogging thing full time...are you listening to me nick denton? i think it's about time you added a sports blog to your gawker empire....

anyways, i've got a bunch of sports quick hits to go over with you.

1) the NCAA takes a stand on native american mascots...sorta. if you haven't heard, the NCAA is barring any school with a native american mascot from post season play. while it is not an outright ban, i suppose that this is a step in the right direction. the only problem i have is that it makes an exception for football, the biggest sport in college athletics today, since football doesn't technically have a postseason. so technically speaking, the florida state seminoles could still possibly win the national championship, which is kinda f-ed up. i mean if you're gonna take a stand, then take a freakin' stand. in any case, there are plenty of people who are up in arms about this. but this seems like a no brainer to me. i mean what if someone decided to name their team something like the texas state dahmers and justify it by saying something like, "it's representative of how we're going to eat up the competition." of course, it's ridiculous and offensive to the 40-something victims of dahmer. so now let's substitute the 40 something people with an entire continent of people and a complete way of life and i think it's clear that these things names have to go. you can make any kind of argument about how these kind of things honor the native american, but i think that this is a bankrupt idea since most indian mascots are pretty offensive. if these schools really believed this and portrayed native americans in an honorable manner, then maybe native americans would have never gotten into a tizzy in the first place.

as i mentioned before, there are plenty of media columnists who are against this idea. ray ratto of espn.com goes as far as to call the NCAA the thought police. even worse, his column uses a terrible argument saying that if we make exceptions for native americans now, people like PETA will start to demand that the NCAA eliminate animal mascots. well, ray, i'm pretty sure that PETA is already on this case, and this argument is analagous to the argument that gay marraige will open the door for the legalization of incest, bestiality, etc. both of them are completely ludicrous arguments. i just don't see how we can be ok with this kind of thing in this day and age, dukes of hazzard remakes notwithstanding.

in any case, i just can't see how any major sports school can't change their name now. i mean imagine florida state forfeiting all of it's post season chances for every single one of their teams solely to satisfy football boosters. just not gonna happen. anyways, at this point, perhaps we can start talking getting rid of the really offensive native american mascots in pro sports.

2) bob knight is calling the NCAA a bunch of douchebags again. in his testimony in the NIT case. the NIT is suing the NCAA for trying to force schools to always accept NCAA tournament bids for their basketball tournaments over NIT invitations. this in itself is ludicrous since i can't think of a single school, even ones coached by NCAA hater bob knight that would ever accept an NIT bid over the big dance, but that's something else altogether. of course he's right when he calls the NCAA a monopoly, but of course, bob knight is a big douchebag. why can't coach k say something like this to get people's attention?

3) one of the san francisco giants radio announcers is in hot water for making racists comments on the air during one of his tirades against the slumping team. specifically he called out the players of carribean descent for being "brain-dead". people are also upset that he said that manager felipe alou brain had turned into "cream of wheat". the logic being that the old cream of wheat used to have a image of a slave cook as its logo, but i agree with the management on this one, the cream of wheat comment has to be taken completely out of context to be offensive. what i dont' agree with is the flagship station not firing the announcer. rather they wussed out and suspended him for a week. anyways, this kinda stuff happens all the time in sports as i've pointed out on this blog before, but i wanted to call attention to this since it happened in san francisco. so i just wanted to stick it to all of you norcal snobs that you can be just as big of a-holes as us socal folk.

4) a non sports quick hit - a mother whose son died in the war in the mideast is staging a protest outside of president bush's ranch in crawford texas. before i say anything else, let me just first take a moment to voice my displeasure that george w. claims texas as his home when he was born in new england, grew up in new england, and went to college in new england. again, it's sorta like the norcal claim that everyone in a certain region is more enlightened or more sophisticated than everyone else. again, let me re-iterate, there are just as many d-bags in the northeast (if not more, have you ever accidentally made eye contact with anyone in new york?) as there are in texas. and we're still bigger and we still can kick any other state's ass.

but i digress, what i think is interesting is that california senator barbara boxer finally made a reference to the vietnam war as a point of comparison for this war. this is the first time i've heard the comparison in the media and all i have to say is that it's about freakin' time. for those of you against this war, and are struggling how to convince regular folks who usually don't care to try and do something, i think that this is a good tactic. remember how quicked we pulled out of vietnam once the footage hit the tv. there are over 1800 dead us soldiers as a result of this war and god knows how many iraqi civilians. i think that it is real interesting that we haven't seen any real footage like the kind we saw back then (of course i'm using the metaphorical "we" since i wasn't there). sorry to get political here on this space, but dammit, the mom who is staging the protest means business and i'm all for helping her out. you know how conservatives get all bent out of shape when people like me "play the race card?" you know why they hate it...they know i'm right. so let's start pulling out the vietnam war card, because when the comparison is so apparent, they will also know we're right.

5) for all you skateboard fans out there, the x games were this weekend in LA. it is the first time in three years that i've missed them. but thanks to expn, there's plenty of just real kick-ass footage of the highlights.

6) t.o. reported. he doesn't have a new contract, so i cna't imagine him not being a distraction, but if pro football players are really professionals, they should just chalk it up to t.o. just being t.o.

richard seymoure got a new deal and shaun alexander signed a one year deal, making the world fairly stable in fantasy land. shaq also got paid, as did daunte culpepper, so maybe things aren't as bad as i thought they were in contract fairness land.

7) another non sports quick hits - did anyone hear that there's a blackface scene in the new dukes of hazzard movie? scroll to the bottom of the review to find out more about it. but seriously, W. T. F?


new pop life radio show mp3 available for download

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baseball quick hits

1) wade boggs, ryne sandberg, peter gammons, and some guy that i've never heard of got inducted into the baseball hall of fame this past weekend. no real controversy here. sandberg dominated his position for his era. his numbers are a little lower than what you might expect from a hall of famer, but i think his accomplishments warrant the induction. he got in on his third ballot, which seems about right to me. wade boggs had a six year stretch where he was the best hitter in the league but then dropped off into the world of slightly above average players. normally this would make his induction iffy, but since i believe in magic numbers, boggs and his 3000 hits gets in. i'm not sure if i think he should have gotten in on the first ballot, but since no one else really got in, i say whatever. the crazy thing about all of this is that i feel that they weren't the most deserving honoree this weekend. that would go to my generation's and the previous generations' best baseball writer, peter gammons (who as i mentioned previously on this blog, can no longer read on espn.com). of these three, the one i would most like to hang out with is gammons. and i'm pretty sure that most fans would echo this sentiment as well, which speaks to both gammon's greatness and the marginality of sandberg and boggs as hall of famers. to put things into perspective, alomar's numbers blow sandberg's out of the water and tony gwynn had a much better career than boggs. i'm not saying that boggs and sandberg shouldn't have gotten in, just that i'm not so excited about them getting in. maybe i grew up at a different time and didn't get to see them play enough, but in my book, they're 2nd or 3rd tier hall of famers.

but seriously, what's the deal with wade boggs' crispin glover haircut?

well, as i was searching for better pictures from the hall of fame ceremony, i found out the answer to that question.

2) raffy, the most handsome-est player in all of baseball got busted for steroids. this after he emphatically denied this allegation earlier this year at the congressional hearings. i've said it before, so it warrants, "i told you so" status. jose canseco had no reason to throw raffy under the bus, so it made the most sense that raffy did in fact take steroids at some point. of course, he's denying up and down that he ever knowlingly took steroids, and that the stuff got into his body a different way. while i suppose that may be true, i just want to remind people rather than give him the benefit of the doubt, to hold his feet to the fire and ask yourself which is more likely to be true, raffy developing his power a little later in his career than most players naturally or with some kind of steroid help?

anyways, raffy, of course, had the obligatory press release where he still denies ever haven knowlingly ingested steroids. i just don't know how anyone with any sense believe this. but it is typical behavior for athletes who think that a press event to defuse the situation. i think i've said it before, but it's just like the republicans who just keep always say the same thing even if they have been cought red handed (are you listening to me karl rove?). anyways, it's a childish tactic, and even more importantly, it's a tactic that reeks of douchey-ness. but i suppose that it must work since athletes keep having them after something has gone wrong.

anyways, i wonder if this will affect his hall of fame chances. raffy actually is in possession of 2 magic numbers, 500 homers and 3000 hits, so you should be hard pressed not to include him. but even now, people question his credentials, and i imagine that this will be more ammunition for the anti-raffy faction. all i know is that steroids can't improve how handsome you are, so if handsome-ness is a factor in hall of fame voting, it should be enough to outweigh any strikes against that raffy might have.

is anyone not swooning over this hunk of rugged-handsome-ness?