did i mention that sometimes i can't stand white people?

ughh. a good breakdown by poplicks here.


Anonymous said...

what's up with all the hatin on white people lately, bob? not very cool or funny.

Bob said...

you're wrong, it's both way cool and way funny. maybe i wouldn't have to hate on whitey would they not do stupid things like put on dance parties where they basically do minstrelsy. read the stupid story dumbass.

but what's really funny is that your comment makes you sound like a whiny little bitch. perhaps i should applaud the racists a-holes in the story? please expound on how what these people and what jeff kent did was ok.

Anonymous said...

the stories you posted were interesting in context, but your over-generalizations (attempts to be funny) are offensive. My comment didn't refer to the news items at all, but your personal "witty" commentary about them. Did I mention that sometimes I can't stand chinese people? Oh, and a great number of my chink brothers and sisters think stereotyping is okay. Doesn't sound so clever or harmless phrased that way, does it? I appreciate your analysis about race and the stories you bring up, but its tough to read sweeping claims about an an entire group of people based on the actions of a few and to be included in that group. similar to the behavior you seem to likewise criticize. Is it not, YOU whiny little bitch?

Erik said...

Wow, uh, first of all, Bob's not alone with this kind of (rather funny) and important commentary.

In fact, click on that last link there, because I'm pretty sure you're one of these touchy white people (TWP).

Look, Bob's post did hate on white people. And that's not racist. To be racist, my anonymous friend, you have to not only hate on people based upon their race but you must also have power. To quote Daraka's amazing post about TWP:

"...we [non-white people] are not just as bad as they [white people] are. We didn’t capture anyone or burn down anyone’s civilization. We don’t systematically exclude, exploit or vilify white people. Even if we wanted to, we don’t have the power to. If all the black people in the country hated white people, it wouldn’t change white people’s lives very much. As I said before, our generalizations are defensive strategy, not a tool to hold anybody down."

In other words, anonymous touchy person, get over it.

Bob said...

hi anonymous,

here's the deal. when white people do it, it's racism, when people of color do it, it's struggling against a system that has oppressed us for over 2 centuries. now you can cry double standard all you want, but my take is that yes, white people do have to be more careful since traditionally, their people have been responsible for this and all white people whether they can accept it or not, all white people have gained unfair advantages as a result of their whiteness. there's no such thing as reverse racism kids.

now obviously, i'm not talking about all white people. people like the biggest douchebag...ever, erik love, understand how things work and are working furiously to make things better. and i like them fine.

if you hate chinese people, that's fine with me, as long as you don't go around putting on raves where you put on those hats and talk with accents.

whiny little bitch said...

It is I who is the whiny little bitch!