milton bradley plays race games

that's a horrible pun that really doesn't have anything to do with this post, but it was necessary. sorry, i don't make the rules.

anyways, dodger centerfielder milton bradley was quoted today as saying that teammate jeff kent doesn't know how to relate to african american players. and while i'm sure there will be all sorts of people saying that bradley is playing the race card, i say that i'm surprised that this is the first we've heard of this kind of thing. we've seen outright racists like john rocker before, but i think that this is the first time that i've heard a person of color saying that another white player just doesn't get it when it comes to race. and as you, o faithful blog reader, can guess, i think that this is the case for the majority of whitey. not all of them mind you, but a great majority of my honkee brothers and sisters think that racism ended after the 60s.

athletes and sports people always talk about team unity and trusting one's teammates and how it takes time to develop chemistry and how they have to respect each other. but tell me, how can a black player respect a white person when the white person basically never ever considers things from a non-white point of view? i don't know if jeff kent is this way, but judging from some of his other sorry behavior in the past, and the fact that his off season residence is in scottsdale az, my guess is that bradley is probably right. unfortunately, bradley doesn't have the greatest past in terms of public behavior and rhetoric either. but listen to this quote
White people never want to see race -- with anything. But there's race involved in baseball. That's why there's less than 9 percent African-American representation in the game. I'm one of the few African-Americans that starts here.
this is something that i've been saying for a while now, that the most taboo subject in sports is race, despite the fact that it is one of the central exes around which professional sports is organized. any mention of race and how it is the source of difference is deemed as counter to the meritocratic ethos of sports, and breaking this rule will result in sanctions maybe by the sport itself via athletes, management or whatever, but i'm almost sure that bradley will be excoriated in the press for playing the race card. why couldn't dontrelle willis have said this?


oj simpson said...

bradley is spot on, old chap.

you might have included kent's response where he says that he has a lot of black friends, including joe carter and dave winfield. note that carter and winfield are a lot older than kent and wouldn't have been in a position to listen to kent's redass-whitey-veteran-leadership-bullfuck. there is no goddamn way a younger black player like bradley wants to hear kent's locker room police horseshit. fuck that.

Bob said...

thanks juice. i just realized that i had meant to comment on those comments about joe carter and dave winfield. your points are absolutely right on target. but even worse, it's simply just a version of the "but i have black friends" response to racism, which as we all know is code for, "no i really really hate black people."

the last thing i wanted to add was in a discussion between a typical white person and a typical black person, who do you think is going to have a more accurate guage on the siutation concerning race? give me the black guy every time.