i've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but for whatever reason, i'm only getting to it now. i'm happy to make the announcemt that pop life, the radio show that i do with jp on KCSB 91.1 FM on tuesdays from 4AM to 6AM is now listed on the itunes podcast directory. what that means is that for those of you who use ipods or itunes can now subscribe to the podcast with a single click.

no muss, no fuss, just one click on the graphic above and itunes takes care of the rest. whenever i post a new show, itunes will automatically download it for you, and you can listen to it whenever you want. may i suggest that you listen to it while commuting to work. i find that it passes the time quite quickly. i've added this button to the sidebar on the right of this blog, as well as to the pop life podcast blog.

anyways, i wanted to say a few things about podcasting. i've already said most of these things on the july 27 broadcast of pop life, but i wanted to add them to the blog for posterity. anyways, here goes...

i love podcasts. no i mean i looooooooove them. i find that i almost don't even listen to music anymore. how popular this thing will end up being has yet to be determined, but i much prefer my NPR, my movie reviews, or whatever it is i'm listening to in a format that i can take anywhere, and listen to at any time. what really has sealed this deal for me is the fact that my favorite radio station in the entire world, KTCK 1310AM in dallas, is now podcasting. before, i had to be next to a computer to listen to it since they broadcast from dallas, and the only means of listening was their streaming broadcast. but now, like janet jackson and i have said before, anytime, anyplace. of course, i've always liked radio alot, so i imagine that this will only appeal to people who liked radio in the first place.

anyways, the big question that seems to be on everyone's mind is can this make money, the way that some blogs have been able to. mark cuban wrote a pretty good piece on why podcasting won't be profitable on his blog. i've got really nothing to add except that i think that this spells the end for satellite radio. why would you pay for customized programming when you can get it for free. as long as people keep creating this stuff for no other reason than to have a soapbox, everything that satellite radio offers, you can get for free via podcasting, except with podcasting, you add the time portability aspect. and what's more valuable to people than their time.

this is especially interesting in light of howard stern's impending departure from the mainstream airwaves to move to satellite radio. i just don't think he's going to be able to pull enough listeners with him over the long haul, when 1) there are a million clones of him already on regular free radio, and 2) there will be a million more who will make podcasts available for free. if mainstream stations like KTCK are providing podcasts for free, it will only be a matter of time before his competitors do the same. i'm not saying that his competitors are as good, but stern is not so much better than his competitors that people are going to pay a premium for him. don't get me wrong, for some things satellite radio makes sense, like broadcasting all of the NFL games, but why wouldn't someone like me just pay a fee to be able to download the podcasts of game broadcasts and listen to them when i want? and why wouldn't the NFL take advantage of this fact.

apparently, this isn't stopping stern from being an arrogant s.o.b. he recently announced a deal with in-demand video to carry his show on a pay-per-view kinda thing. true it's uncensored and you won't be able to see it anywhere else, but if the main draw is T&A, as i've mentioned plenty of times before, you can also get that for free on the internet. howard stern will always enjoy some success because of his reputation, but i just don't know if even the king of all media can stop the digital revolution. maybe this is what marx was talking about.

anyways, the show is tomorrow morning, so expect a piping hot fresh pile of pop life available soon.

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Erik said...

And you can't hear satellite radio if you're in a big building or under a bridge. What a joke.

Nice post, man. I don't know of anyone else who made this satellite radio/podcast connection, so hype it up.

I don't have much to add except that this also means the end of that Audible service, which has been selling podcast-like shows for the past few years. My favorite NPR show, Car Talk, is only available for a fee from Audible. Why would I pay for it, despite how much I love it, when I can listen for hours to great, free programming from KCSB, and still catch Car Talk for free every once in a while on the regular old radio?

It's just like wireless internet that you have to pay for by the hour. It'll be gone within 5 years, guaranteed.