sports quick hits

1) huggybear gets shitcanned. for those of you who don't know, bob huggins, coach of deapul's conference USA rival cincinnati men's basketball team finally got fired yesterday after a real drawn out ugly series of episodes, inclusing a series of felons getting recruited, alleged recruiting violations, and a drunk driving arrest. according to this story, it took a newbie university president that wasn't plugged into the alumni to make the decision that all of the negative things that a big time college sports program brings was not worth the money that it brought in. what's even more interesting about the story is the revelation that whenever univsersity presidents take on athletic programs, they may win in the short term, but it is only a matter of a few years until they are pressured out of their position. technically, huggins resigned, but it was one of those "quit or be fired" things handed down from the university brass. i always found that just strange, that you would give someone the choice to resign even though everyone and their mom knows you're really getting fired. i suppose that the reasoning is that you don't have to pay a severance package if you fire someone, but i say, if you're going to take a stand, then take a stand. eat the buyout and show people that you're serious about cleaning up college sports. anyways, i'm sure that nick lachey is inconsolable today. perhaps jessica simpson can cheer him up by reminding him of his nonexistent career.

2) curt schilling gets all pious about rafael palmeiro. here's his quote
Yeah. I read something the other day about his career, his career numbers and how a lot of his career numbers coincide with certain dates and he obviously sat next to me in Washington [before Congress] and lied, so I don't know there's any way to prove that anything he did was not under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs.
well if memory serves me correctly, he once said that steroids was a big problem in baseball, then in front of congress he said that he was overstating it, and now he's saying it's a big problem again. so he sat next to palmeiro and lied as well. i'm not saying that raffy's not a liar, because i think that he is, but it's just so douchey to accuse someone of lying to protect himself, when you have done it so publicly yourself.

3) french guy gets pious about lance armstrong. i guess that there's some paper article that supposedly shows documents that prove lance armstrong was on EPO, the balco steroid. as you can imagine, it touched off a slapping match of words between the french guy, who was also the tour de france director in 1999, and armstorng. says french guy:
For the first time -- and these are no longer rumors, or insinuations, these are proven scientific facts -- someone has shown me that in 1999, Armstrong had a banned substance called EPO in his body
and lance fires back
I actually spoke to him for about 30 minutes and he didn't say any of that stuff to me personally. But to say that I've fooled the fans is preposterous. I've been doing this a long time.
there are two things going on here that annoy me about public fighting. the first is from the frenchman and his use of the word scientific. um...i'm not sure that unsubstantiated documents that mysteriously appear 6 years after the fact qualifies as scientific. maybe the french do science differently, but i'm gonna need a little more than that. perhaps there was something lost in translation, but it is a cheesy trick to try and use the word "science" to validate what you say. ask any one who's ever tried to get anything published, just because you put it down on a report doesn't make it true. don't get me wrong, i think lance is g-u-i-l-t-y. but the french guy is well...just being french. on lance's side, the use of a ten cent word "preposterous" is something that he's been doing for a while now to combat these charges using cheesy superlatives (not unlike tara reid) such as "preposterous", "unequivocally", and michael jackson favorite, "ludicrous". just say "it's false".

4) marlins' batboy gets suspended for...milk? just a stupid story. he's a freakin' kid. if anything, they ought to suspend brad penny for child abuse...or they ought to give him an award for being a comic genius.

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