douchebag du jour - expedia.com

i feel safer from hurricanes knowing that expedia is on my side!

i'm sure like many of you, you've gone to expedia.com looking for a good travel deal. i'm also sure that some of you are on expedia's email travel alert list, where they send you regular emails that tell you how much fares are for some trips you are looking for. well i got an email today from expedia announcing their "hassle free hurricane policy". per the email
Jotted on postcards, written in e-mails, or shared aloud, vacation hurricane stories vary, but the frustrations are the same. For many travelers, the threat of storms whips up a flurry of planning apprehension and travel stress.

To help ease your mind, we now offer a hassle-free hurricane promise. In the event that a hurricane does affect your travel, we offer 24/7 customer support, including finding you new travel options. We'll even waive associated Expedia.com cancellation fees.

Now that's a story worth writing home about.
maybe i'm being a little touchy here, but the timing of this email seems a bit exploitative and a bit insensitive given the current state of affairs. first of all, i think that for most people, the current hurricane qualifies as more than just a source of travel stress. second of all, when it comes to thiking about the hurricane, most of us aren't thinking about how inconvenienced our travel will be by the hurricane right now. and to top it all off, in their infinite wisdom and benevolence, they will waive our cancellation fees for something that they know is completely out of our control. also, please notice in the subject where is says "plus fall travel ideas!" like the hurricane and this bogus hurricane promise is supposed to get me excited to travel. what a bunch of douchebags.

not even a link to donate money. f expedia.

p.s. yes, my given name is quan.

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