hurricane coverage

there are a few things i want to point out now that it looks like the worst of katrina has past.

1) this is something that you've probably seen all over the internet already, the role of race in the hurricane, both in its effects, and how it is being portrayed in the media. i'll point you to my roommate's blog, which has a link to a good story on how people of color are diproportionately victimized by the hurricane. but more importantly, i'm going to point you to a some other blogs that have taken the media to task for portraying black people as looters, and white people as survivors. this is some really f-ed up racist shit, and it makes me angry as hell.

2) on a lesser note, i've always noticed that during extreme weather, weathermen (or women) go f-ing nuts. i don't really blame them, after all, most of the year, they have the rather mundane and unrespected task of telling us whether or not it's going to rain. so when stuff like this comes along, it's their one time to shine and give us important news. but there is one case of the added stress getting to a weather guy.

3) the last thing about the coverage that i couldn't stand was the reporter on the scene, describing the situation while getting rained on and wind-blown stuff flying everywhere. do we really need someone on the scene to describe what's going on? more importantly, do we need to endanger reporters so that someone can describe something as obvious as a boat washed up on canal street? "Yes Jack, as you can see, the water is continuing to rise and whoa...there goes a telephone pole ripped out of the ground. sometimes i do think that the news underestimates the intelligence of the public. i've been as transfixes as anyone to the images of destruction but i think overall the news industry has done a poor job of covering the hurricane.

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