kanye west

everyone and their mom has already forwarded you the kanye west clip. so i'll just give you my take.

1) not the best timing, but really what is the best timing for this stuff? kanye nailed it on the head when he spoke of the fact that 1) the war has taken away resources that would normally have been directed for the hurricane victims. 2) most of the victims of this tragedy were black. and i don't think that it is any stretch to think that if this had hit a more white area that the response would have been quicker. 3) the media portrayal especially in regards to race has been wretched. 4) maybe these people wouldn't be in such dire straits if we as a nation were actually interested in helping out those who are less fortunate. so if he's right on every count, why would everyone get pissed off.

2) nbc's statement in response to this thing is completely bougs. per their statement:
Kanye West departed from the scripted comments that were prepared for him, and his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks.

It would be most unfortunate, if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's opinion.
nbc's implication here is that people will not donate money because of one person's emotions. if that prevents people from helping the hurricane victims out, it is because those people are sorry human beings, not because of kanye west.

3) the video is really compelling. kanye, who in almost every interview i've seen him is is a rather cool cucumber, is bordering on tears of rage here. the bad thing about this is that it will be portrayed by media as a typical angry black guy (the negative kind). strangely enough, cooler heads prevailed at the NFL and he's still going to perform at the NFL kick off concert. anyways, in another clip that's been circulating on the internet, kanye is shown getting upset that during a radio interview, his utterance of the phrase "white women" was bleeped out. most of the commentary says that kanye "flipped out". which will only add to the angry black man portrayal. first of all, like i said before, he's right about the hurricane and the federal response, and he is also right about it being completely and utterly ridiculous and extremely racist that anywould would censor him from saying the words "white women". the other thing is that why are we holding it against him that he's mad. i've always told people that if i were black i'd be mad as hell too.

4) kanye's new album is kick ass. people can complain all they want, but they can't stop him. he owns hip hop right now, and what that means in real terms is that he owns the youth of america right now. keep preachin' minister west!

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