skip bayless at it again....

here's a real interesting column by our favorite forced pun author skip bayless. in his espn page 2 column, he rages about how silly it is of oklahoma football coach bob stoops to not start his star running back adrian peterson as a punishment for missing a class.

you can read the column but the basic gist of it is that bayless doesn't give two rats' asses about college athletes going to school and even attempting to get an education. it's quite a departure from the usual drivel you read in sports columns about how broken college sports is because sports takes priority over institutional goals. but as much as i hate to admit it, bayless is right on.
No, I readily accept that many football players consider OU mostly a proving ground for the NFL. If they want to attend classes -- and want to excel academically -- that's great …

… as long as they excel on the field.

To me, they're little more than unpaid pro football players, and it's absurdly unrealistic to expect they can put in the necessary hours on the practice field and in the weight and treatment rooms and still attend every class.

i know that bayless is just a columnist and his statements would have more weight if he were an NCAA insider, but i'm glad that someone said them.

i also want to adrian peterson run as much as i can, because as fredo put it, "that guy runs like an animal."

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