weekend quick hits

1) jet's wr, laveranues coles lets it be known that he was sexually abused as a kid. of course he should be commended for trying to help others in the same situation get help, but i thought one think in the article was especially interesting.
Coles told The Times that he received counseling, but it clashed with the athletic mentality of shrugging off injuries.
while this is most certainly true, i think that it's not so much the athletic mentality that he had to deal with but rather, the masculinity mentality that dominates sports. i'm not saying that the same think doesn't exist in women's sports, because it most certainly does, but it's not rooted in sports as an independent cultural institution, rather, it's rooted in the patriarchy of our system.

2) kinda in the same vein as this is the story of latasha byears. all of this stuff actually happened a while ago, but latasha, a wnba player who had been charged with sexual assault of one of her teammates, sued her team, the LA sparks for wrongful termination because she was a lesbian. just really weird weird stuff. the interesting thing about this for this blog, is that i attended depaul university at the same time "tot" as she was known as back then, was leading conference USA in scoring for the blue demons. it was really strange to see her around campus, because if anything, she acted more like a male athlete when she was there. just real aloof, very loud and seemingly in a state of perpetual adolescence. i'm sure like other student athletes as major D-I schools, she's been coddled since she was a small child, but it is strange to think of her facing these deep kind of serious identity issues today. i'm not saying that she's responsible or not responsible and i'm not saying that the sparks were right in terminating her, but i can't help but think that if she hadn't been a star athlete that she may have been able to avoid this whole mess.

3) the nfl is doing some goofy double monday night double header to raise funds for victims of hurricane katrina. obviously, i'm not saying that these people don't need money, but let me toss out there for argument's sake, is there a statute of limitations on asking for relief donations. it seems to me that at this point if you had money to give, you should have already given it. i know the logistics involved had something to do with this event coming so late, but i'm also pretty sure that they would have raised more money if they had done this last week. what with a new hurricane impending and all, it just seems that in organizations' drive to look like they've done something, they look like opportunistic jerks. if the NFL really cared, why don't they just agree to donate any profits made from this weekends' games to the red cross? i'm almost sure that it would be more money than they can raise from this late half-assed telethon. on another note, there will be famous people answering the phones, so if you want to yell at chad pennington for fumbling six times last week, here's your chance.

4) i still don't understand why the television academy people love raymond so much. is there anyone out there who is a fan? i can't think of a single person who watches and likes the show, yet every year, it's emmypalooza for them. if any of you are raymond fans, can you please explain to me the appeal of this show?

5) sports stats division - USC amasses over 700 yards of offense on its way to 70 points. geez, looks like norm chow maybe wasn't that great after all. seriously, they really shouldn't let games like this happen. nobody wins in a 70-17 game.

so don't forget, your two assignments are to comment on whether or not there is a statute of limitations for disaster relief and to comment on why everyone loves raymond is such an acclaimed show.

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